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the shapeshifting ninja and technician

Locoluis, or just "Luis" as he goes around nowadays, is more of a lurker than an active Boardie nowadays. He's mostly known because of being a CRFH fanartist and, most prominently, boardie artist. He's also the current maintainer of the CRFH Boardies Website.

Characteristic quote: "Well, I'm quite busy right now, but I think I can help you in there... eventually. "

Appearance: Nearly always, Luis appears in the form of a grown man in his mid-twenties, 5 feet 11 inches tall and around 175 pounds. He has ash-brown hair, brown eyes and, most of the time, black beard and moustache. After several years of experience on board, Luis seems quite more physically fit than when he entered the Board, although his mind is still a mess.

He's usually seen wearing blue jeans, a white or light blue t-shirt, and running shoes, to which he adds a sweatshirt or a boring long robe, according to the weather. Often, he's seen carrying his wooden staff - made of very hard word - and his backpack with him. Luis is quite adverse to formal clothes and military uniform, and he dislikes ties and tight clothes. He also never wears black.

The backpack is big enough to carry lots of stuff, but not big enough to hinder Luis's movements. It contains, among other goods, pencils, food, water, toilet paper, a sketchbook, a notebook with inscrutable writings, a custom-made programmable calculator, a Memory Stick with data of many sorts, a Bible (he's a devout Christian), scissors, thread, colored glass bead, extra clothes, bandages, a lantern...

Boardieverse Luis, drawn by Maritza Campos

Personality: Luis lives quite detached from the outside world, and spends most of his time alone, distracted with his work and his hobbies. Although friendly and nice, he rarely talks to other people, and only when he really has something to say. He's also a bit impulsive and nervous at times.

Luis has a weakness for cute things, and he likes to surround himself of them (see below). He also loves outdoors, flowers and animals. His favorite foods are waffles, mashed potatoes, avocadoes, tomatoes and fish. On the other hand, Luis dislikes war threads, porn, pointless violence and spicy food.

Although he's a pacifist at heart, he still has shown some raw skill at martial arts. He used to suck at it, but lately he has improved muchly. Luis can always use his wooden staff or his POST to defend himself anyways, and if all else fails, well, the Flrrd is Great with this one. :)

Luis has an unusual immunity to brainwarping, and is indifferent to what boardies call "PSL" or "BSL"; in fact, while he thinks female boardies are lovely, he doesn't seem particularly interested in any of them.

Useful skills
Although Luis only has a technical degree in Computer Programming, he has shown a lot of talent, and nowadays he works in Computer Operations at the Funky Horror spacestation. Besides Computing, Luis is also interested in Astronomy and Astronautics, and has some skill for Math; Linguistics and Graphic Design are distant secondary interests. His main hobby is to draw, mostly portraits of Boardies and other people; recently, he has shown some progress, but he's still not great at it.

Luis not only knows how to pilot a shuttlecraft such as the Arcadia. He even designed his own, nicknamed "BSS Esmeralda" after the name of a Chilean corvette. The "BSS Esmeralda" was eventually built once, but no one besides Luis himself would dare pilot such piece of scrap metal.

Lately, he has been interested in the japanese espionage martial arts and techniques known as Ninjutsu. See below.

Allegiances at the Board
Although Luis has been a Board fixture since quite a while - read how he joined - he hasn't been quite involved in any particular society within it.

Luis considers the following boardies to be special for him: Aurora, Midnight Wonder, Omega, Mai-Li, Gigafreak, Hayasaka Kosei, Jennet, Loweko, Kira-chan, Jordanis, Calli, Samalander, Skane, Doruk, KLePi, IFG, Mimi, The Cowduck, tokhra, s1, Godboy, Urban the Prickly and Dotty, among many others. However, the boardie he's more emotionally attached to is his adoptive boardie-daughter Ahayweh, of which he's a big fan.


<Tire> oh my god. I just read the cutest thing in existance <Samalander>  ? <Tire> chapter nine of Yotsuba To <Tire> =x it's the cute that kills. <Tire> she's like hyper-chiyo.

  • Locoluis takes note. Clearly, I want to read that. >>

<JoseB> Is the kind of cute that can throw you straight into diabetic coma? <Locoluis> I'm Ahayweh's boardie-father. No kind of cute can throw me straight into diabetic coma.</tt>

Although not a member of it, Locoluis has been interested in FLEET affairs since a while ago, and even has some security clearance as a special contractor. He has been dubbed "Official FLEET fanartist" by some of its members in the past, although that status has been nowadays taken over by people like The Entity and Dark Synfony.

Lately, Luis has also been interested in the Urban's Quills. He even considered joining them, though his personal agenda is already quite filled with stuff to do. A change would be good for him, though...

Unusual quirks and powers
There was a time in which Luis became sort of interested in Magic and the occult. Although that's no longer the case, Luis has already acquited some sort of limited shapeshifting power, which doesn't last more than an hour and can't be done more than several times a week. His wooden staff helps him channelize(sp?) said power so he can use it. He's only known to turn into some pure animal forms, although a TG version of him is also reported.

Luis has also experimented with some random cantrips, like self-teletransportation, summoning of natural animals and food, etc. He tries not to use any of these spells much.


About Locoluis' alternate forms

The Penguin form

"Some people have told me they don't think a fat penguin really embodies the grace of Linux, which just tells me they have never seen a angry penguin charging at them in excess of 100mph. They'd be a lot more careful about what they say if they had." - Linus Torvalds, 1996.

Creatively nicknamed "Luis_penguin", he looks pretty much like an average adult maguellanic penguin, except that his dark feathers are brown instead of black, and his bright feathers are slightly tanned instead of white. In this form he'll be able to dive (quite fast, too), and to withstand very cold temperatures. Luis_penguin will be rather slow while walking, but he can rush at an incredible speed when pissed off (though then he wouldn't be able to stop by himself...). Luis_penguin will be as intelligent as normal Locoluis, which is a LOT for a penguin.

The Feline form

" Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. " - Mark Twain.

Nicknamed "Yamaneko" (Japanese for "mountain cat"), it's of the size of a household adult cat, brown fur with some dark brown spots and markings. He'll be agile and strong like a wild cat, and quite intelligent for any feline (but not as much as Luis's human or penguin forms). He'll also go hunting small animals like a wild feline, and would be quite good as a rat plague control. And, unlike many cats, Yamaneko likes water; in fact, he's great at swimming. Yamaneko's character design is based on the Iriomote mountain cat Yamamaya from Azumanga Daioh.

The TG form

"The best way to learn to be a lady is to see how other ladies do it." - Mae West.

Nicknamed "Hatgirl", it's Locoluis's least favorite form, as it implies a strong personality change. Hatgirl is a tall, moderately-attractive, physically-fit lady, with long brown hair and brown eyes. Although usually a nice-seeming, charming lady, Hatgirl can become extremely violent and dangerous when pissed off, and can cast strong offensive spells and more around quite fast. Her main weakness are signs of affection, particularly if you can trigger an identity conflict between female Hatgirl and the underlying male Luis; that's enough to make her go away before she turns back to good old Luis.

The Ninja form

" Since the Ninja had to survive in nature, they became trained naturalists capable of distinguishing edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, trapping, preparing and cooking animals, building shelter, finding water, and making fire. " - From http://www.entertheninja.com/.

In a world that's constantly watched over by the all-seeing eye of Speculation, no ninja can hope that his/her identity can stay a secret forever, especially if that identity coincides with that of a Boardie fixture like Locoluis. Nevertheless, Luis decided to learn Ninjutsu in order to perfect his martial arts and survival skills, mostly because he grew really annoyed at the constant "Arrrr"-ing of the pirate Boardie faction. After a couple years of intense training, Luis became proficent enough to be able to fight against a pirate or two, although he's more interested in making fun of the pirates than actually defeat them in battle. Only two pirates are listed at Luis's whitelist; those are his boardie-sisters Klepi and Mimi. On the other hand, sworn pirate Einar Loðbrok is number one on Luis's blacklist. Luis's ninja skills involve the use of knifes, fireworks and irogome, plus unarmed combat and - most important and proficent - sneaking, escaping and survival skills. Even as a ninja, Luis still prefers to use his wooden staff instead of a sword, mostly because he doesn't want to murder anyone. Luis is also known for throwing shuriken cookies... Luis still needs to practice Ninja relaxing techniques, however... ¬¬

Public information about Luis_ninja's village

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