Lord Mork

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the best-dressed regular human on the board.

Mork is a regular human, something that seems rare these days. He is, however, the best-dressed regular human on the board. This is rather key to understanding Mork himself, who wraps himself in a world of comfort and fashion. There is no real reason as to why he does this, he simply does it, and does it well. He's of about medium height, about medium build, with short hair and blueish-gray eyes, usually with just a tad of stubble. Some would call him good looking, others would not. However, Mork always chooses to dress for the occasion, and is most often found in tuxedo and top-hat, as well as with his signature dragon-headed cane.

Mork prefers the finer things in life. Fine women, fine wine, fine company, and the occasional adventure or two. He also loves the spotlite, and refuses to be anywhere else but at the center of everything. He is an excellent strategist, so this tends to work out well. He's flamboyant and loves a good entrance and a good show. He detests mess and garbage, and looks down on those who are clearly not trying to dress well. However, above all, he hates being out of control, or losing control, which will often cause him to panic.

He's mildly vain and egotistical, and can be a real bastard at times, but he prefers to get along well with people, and works hard not to offend anyone to badly. He does, however, try to be generous, and take anyone who hangs around with him for a good time. He's recently been associating with FLEET because, in his words "They appreciate the finer points of the universe." He's also been known to hang out with the evil ficcers.

In combat, a situation he finds himself in all too much (partially to his enjoyment, since combat tends to be the center of the action, partially to his annoyance, since combat is so hard on his tux) he wields his signature cane, of which he has an endless supply. In situations in which he's required to look particularly good, he'll also use a pair of Katana blades he's become proficient with over the years. He knows some fair powerful but limited magic, and has a few ticks up his sleeve, but is generally out of place on the battlefield. That doesn't stop him from being there, of course, and he especially likes to be at the head of large armies. He is better suited to the diplomatics, politics and strategy that comes with any conflict than to the actual fighting.

As one might expect, one who enjoys style and comfort as much as Mork does not hitch rides or take a taxi. He recently commissioned his own private yacht, the Celestial, a cruiser-sized ship. Where he obtained this ship is unknown, and the style of technology is very different than what is considered the norm. Most of Celestial is filled with what Mork calls his "Playground" a thousand room complex of ballrooms, wine cellars, dance halls, bedrooms, and even a atrium, complete with lake, all outfitted with plush furniture, and serviced by nearly a hundred butlers and maids. Even the medical center is made too look like the inside of a posh hotel. How all this fits into Celestial is mostly unknown, though probably through some sort of pocket dimension. As one might think, Mork is fond of holding huge parties in this complex. Outside of this, Celestial is a very capible ship. She uses the old "Pocket Battleship" concept, as in she's fast enough to escape real battleships and bigger craft, but armed well enough to defeat anything that might catch her. She carries a very heavy missile armament, and powerful shields to match, but her hull and her accompanying energy weapons are generally weak. Mork uses Celestial as his own, larger than life limo-and-mansion in one, and enjoys showing up on someone's doorstep, Tuxedo on, cane in hand, with Celestial hovering behind him.

However, Mork is a regular human, and a fragile one at that. He carries no defenses beyond his limited magic., and as such is very vulnerable to all manner of weapons. He's also not very handy in combat, and has been known to die at bad moments. He also insists on being in the center of things, and when this fails to happen he is likely to sulk. When he loses control completely, he panics, at which point he is likely to make bad decisions. He is best at dealing with people who appreciate style such as he does, but when confronted by goons or those who are crude, he usually gets himself in trouble.

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