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The Evil Admiral

Loweko. AKA Admiral Loweko, sometimes Admiral Lowen, officially Supreme Commander, CRFH Expeditionary Fleet (a mostly ceremonial post, as the Board has little in the way of a chain of command – although it does mean he's the Boardie deferred to by his fellows on matters of insidiousness), Officer Commanding 117th Confederation Battlegroup, on detached duty.

Height 6'6, weight unknown, build spry. Age indeterminate - he seems mid-40s, which is young for a flag officer, but on the other hand his medical officers are good.

Distinguishing features/traits: Very pale skin, probably somewhat agrophobic after a life aboard naval vessels. Years of high-G accelerations, even with compensation technology, have taken a toll on his physical strength too. Usually wears a somewhat showy braided black uniform with red trim - the ornamentation in fact conceals a number of small items of survival gear, ranging from rebreathers to a five-shot disruptor. Renowned for a quiet, somewhat cold demeanour and considerable self-discipline.

Loweko (unlikely to be his real, or even original, name...he cheerfully embraced the Board tradition of taking on aliases when joining) is not an "Evil Admiral", if you please - the rank has no moral position attached to it. If you truly must invoke Earth's popular-culture image of the brooding, scheming Space Opera villain to understand his attitudes, then so be it...but kindly don't do it in Loweko's presence.

Of course, the above only applies when Loweko is in earshot of the speaker. To the Board, who fluctuate between hating his guts for being an icy, manipulative freakjob, and loving him dearly when his plans enable them to dramatically crush their enemies, he is "their Evil Admiral". He has risen to his post partly by deference to his rank and mostly by a heavy dose of political machinations, forging FLEET to "look after the Board's interests"...whenever those interests call for a battlefleet.

The Admiral's opinions on the current situation in CRFH often differ considerably from those of his fellow Boardies, because he sees the entire Grand Plan (Great Struggle, Ineffable Plot Arc, call it what you will) as a tactical issue ahead of everything else. He sees utterly nothing wrong in trying to get, say, Dave to accept a personal bodyguard of armoured marines because, as he comments "If I had Him on my tail, I'd be calling for orbital support myself...". He is also a firm believer in killing Waldo and Steve as soon as possible, and their continued survival is as much as testimony to his patience and constant, unending scheming as it is to their luck and dark patron. Beyond such minor matters....well, to date Maritza's evident Divine Will has not yet called for a full-scale invasion, but he is confident that one day his services will be needed...

Loweko's "strength" lies mostly in his armada and connections with FLEET. All of his vessels have had their crews stocked with Boardies and their systems given quiet refits with Board ultratech, but their crews firmly answer to the Admiral – although both sides have slowly accepted each other as friends over the years. Loweko also didn't pull his rank out of a hat - he is an accomplished military commander, with long experience of deep space and ground support campaigns, and while his insidiousness compromises his skill slightly (see below), he's not stupid. He just tends to favour the "delicate scalpel" of a covert operation even when the most moderate of Boardies is calling for hot plasma death.

He does, however, keep his collossal flagship (which is everything his archetype suggests in the way of slow panning shots and massive gun installations), Cerberus, somewhere, probably in a long cometary orbit with her engines offline. Her staggering firepower has little purpose other than shattering planets or commanding major engagements, so he has deemed the vessel temporarily surplus to requirements for what is, to him, a planetary security operation. It says something about his requirements that he hasn't called her in yet, even knowing he's against the Lord of all Evil on this run.

Loweko's serious weaknesses are higher than one might expect. For a start, he's still an unaltered, unenhanced humanoid – a rare sight on the Boards. Shoot him, he dies – and he's died at the hands of his foes at least once (during Magnificent Boardies). His second weakness is that he can never do anything simple, constantly bending even the most trivial fact or series of events in the off-chance that it might produce a slightly more favourable outcome. This means he is constantly embroiled in plots for one reason or another - and as a result tends to see them everywhere, too, causing momentary hesitation and flashes of indecisiveness as he covers even the most unthreatened of backs or paranoically covers all eventualities. This tends to slow his response time and create cautious deployment patterns until the situation is fully known. While his plans have unstoppable momentum once they begin, he can take a maddeningly long time to prepare them.

Still, this means anyone directly challenging him will have to deal with his agents and intelligence effort first, even before they face his massed guns. You never know just who is on his payroll...and once engaged, even Loweko's tricks have tricks up their sleeves.

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