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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

Lurker-class SSBCV:

Displacement: 19 kilotons (submerged)
Dimensions: 170m x 20m(beam)/100m (wings)
Powerplant: One hydrogen-plasma fusion reactor.
Propulsion: Quad "caterpillar" drive impellers.
Armament: 12 x Torpedo tubes (all forward), 10 x ICBM tubes (dorsal).
Support Craft: 4 S-CAV Submarine Fighters, 6 Combat Ballistic Rocket Fighters.

Lurker submarines are an old design from the earliest days of the Board that gathered dust in the Archives for years, before being rapidly updated and put into production when the plans for Nemo Base were greenlighted. Originally conceived as a ballistic missile submarine, the modern design reflects the Board's declining interest in tossing nukes, alongside the growth in numbers of aquatic Boardies. Thus, instead of being a missile platform (although she does retain the tubes), the Lurker is instead intended to interdict wide swathes of ocean with her parasite fighters, and provide last-ditch defense against submarine-launched nuclear weapons - a very real Board fear in their predicted Armageddon scenarios.

The most obvious feature distinguishing a Lurker from other "Boomers" is, of course, her support craft. Lurkers are intended to remain on the edges of any engagement while her compliment of highly advanced S-CAV "supercavitating" submarines, propelling themselves in a cloud of near-frictionless bubbles at massive speeds, do the actual fighting. Their rusty colouring, long noses, and stubby tailfins rapidly earned the little ships the nickname "Zombie Tuna" from irreverent pilots.

For missile and aircraft interdiction, Lurkers carry true engineering marvels - ultralight fighters designed to blast out of the water using the missile tubes and quickly engage their targets during a one-way trip to orbit. A version capable of carrying a small team of assault troops (albeit in very cramped conditions) is being tested to allow the insertion of troops aboard aircraft.

Given the Board's lack of sub pens, Lurkers were designed with endurance in mind - one can circumnavigate the globe over a dozen times before needing to resupply. Their service record so far has been mixed - only the class vessel has seen action, in which her stealth capabilities proved excellent...only to be disabled by supernatural action.

Hazel Green was given a stripped-down Lurker hull, sans support craft and weapons, as part of her payment for services rendered during the construction of Nemo. Her organisation has steadily been refitting the vessel for unknown reasons (probably linked to her growing connections with Damascus and his island HQ). Given access to his research, she has almost certainly replaced Board-specific components and consumables with ones she can manufacture, the better to ensure she remains independent from the original builders.

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