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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.
The M-div logo

"M-Division". A name spoken with fear and dread by all sane Boardies - mostly because the standard Boardie treatment for excess sanity involves a tour of their labs. A place filled with cackling power-mad mages, unspeakable Lovecraftian horrors and strange extra-dimensional anomalies phasing in and out of existance - and that's just the typical inhabitants of the coffee room. A place where the on-site cafeteria always seems to be serving up battered calamari - and delicious as it is, you don't want to be asking why.

The Magitech Division, commonly shortened to M-Division or M-Div, was established in the aftermath of the Adversary disaster by Silver Adept, prominent Boardie mage. Silver recognised that the trend towards Big Science opened up interesting possibilities if combined with the reality-bending expertise of the Board at large, but at the same time posed problems for many mages who were barely acquainted with the Board's increasingly ubiquitous hi-tech gadgetry. His solution was to propose a new organisation dedicated to combined magic/technological research and equipping magic-users to function in a scientific environment. The prospect of increased cooperation and competence among the Board's more mystical denizens was attractive enough to High Command for Silver to be allocated a dozen decks of the (then under-construction) Funky Horror to turn into storage hangers, research labs, training facilities and whatever else M-Division would need.

Since its inception, M-Division's concentration of magical talent has put it in frequent demand for dealing with situations where some thaumaturgical expertise is required, and M-Division members can often be seen accompanying the Board's more conventional forces groundside when some disaffected satan-worshipping cultists or insane wizards meddling in things Man Was Not Meant To Wot Of need a good slapdown administering. Its activities have broadened over time to include just about any magical research its members feel like, which has led to many interesting, bizarre and often explosive results - especially when someone comes back from a ground mission with some curious-looking artefacts or spellbooks they can't quite figure out the purpose of. M-Division have become quite expert at patching up holes in reality and shutting down portals to realms of unspeakable chaos as a result, and have acquired a sizeable bestiary of insanity-inducing extradimensional horrors of every description, which they cheerfully perform hideous experiments on - appalling not only the diminutive but vocal blasphemous-horror-rights faction of the Board ("they're just misunderstood!") but also more than a few Boardies whose tolerance for weirdness does not extend to putting up with escaped Great Old Ones with bionic tentacles attempting to suck out their soul.

M-Division are currently in the process of shifting most of their research operations to the recently-constructed Nemo underwater base, much to the relief of many of the denizens of the Funky Horror. This seems to be something of a political move to cement the Board's hold on the shared facility; what it means for Nemo's current population of Green henchmen is anybody's guess.

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