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[ acronym, "Mutant Roomies from Hell", now obsolete ] 1. A roleplaying game where the players where students at the same college of the CRFH Roomies, living in another apartment building. Started in December 2000 by Tchernobyl, Shenalia and others, MRFH lasted a bit more than a year, though the real thing started to fade away after May 2001.

2. MRFH The Rebirth, an attempt to resurrect the old MRFH, started in May 2002 by DOKool and Locoluis. Unlike the original, the rebirth didn't last more than four months.

3. There was a third attempt at MRFH, during 2003, hosted at NightshadeDragon's personal forums. It lasted around six months or so, before being vanished away by's domain expiration and because interest also faded away.

4. The fourth and last attempt at MRFH, back to the original forums.

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