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the biogenetically modifier trader

Name: Richardo Kearney Marik

Occupation: Periphery trader

Nationality: Full Citizen of the UCAS

Appearance: A tall, sturdy man with greying hair and wide, dimpled face. Usually seen happy and smiling.
Wears several variations of statesman coats and formal wear. Occasionally swaps them out for informal shirts and jeans or high-G aerospace suits for transorbital travel. Most of the suits, despite having no combat-oriented function, are made of amazingly durable composite weaves and are capable of sustaining rifle rounds and preventing penetration of flechette. They are also completely waterproof and stainproof and have self regulating temperature control, for maximum comfort. His shoes are comfortable, and have magnetic insoles and air pressure regulation for when artificial gravity is not available. Marik also follows the rules and has a low-grade standard issue personal energy barrier and call-amp on his ship.

Equipment: Usually carries around a noteputer, flashlight, multitool, remote entry pad, personal communicator, several pens, a handprint identification pad and credit transferral book (for business transactions), a couple of extra power packs, a pocket knife, and a tin of mints. On his left wrist he wears a watch. Attracted to novelty, he bought a watch that, besides giving standard and polar time, also tells barometric pressure, altitude, magnetic heading, coordinates, atmospheric content, radioactivity, temperature, humidity, and current speed. He rarely uses these functions.

Powers: Marik is biogenetically modified as part of the standard package offered to him by his socialist nationality.

From his personal biogene report:
Immune to disease, toxicity, acne, nitrogen narcosis, sunburn, intoxication, flare, gamma radiation, microgravity degeneration, g-force blackout, arthritis, tunnel nerve syndromes, fungal or bacterial infection, tooth decay, circulatory problems, silicosis. Can hold breath for about twenty minutes. Electrical current will not disrupt heart operation. Cannot become obese. Negative effects of aging nullified. Sleep regulation reduces neccecary sleep time to approximately five hours every week. Digestive enhancement nearly completely eradicates food process expungement. Excellent directional hearing and low-light vision. enhanced platelet production prevents shock from extensive blood loss and staunches bleeding from any wound. Wounds will slowly heal over time, and destroyed organs will regenerate. Cannot survive loss of both lungs, heart, or brain. Will not ever contract neurological disease or cancerous growth. Bones are significantly stronger and can properly set in the event of fracturing. Does not sweat or emit bodily odor. Hair growth self-maintained. Orthodermal enhancement prevents injury from most accidents that would normally cause cuts or bruising. Can withstand a much wider range of temperatures without discomfort. Immune to blackouts from trauma. Sound regulation to prevent onset deafness. Resistant to burns. Reduced caloric and nutritional requirements. Likate and alkaloid synthesys. Clearance III-C. No military or restricted biogenetic modification. Please note that biogenetic modification will conflict with any standard cybernetics.

Marik has an excellent ability to find active, profitable markets and conduct trade.

Personality: Outgoing and gregarious. Often willing to swap stories.

Combat style: Combat? Are you crazy? He's an interstellar trader!
Standard procedure for noncombatants caught in a hot zone: 1. Turn on your personal shielding, if you have any, immediately.
2. Seek cover! Stay behind solid objects and avoid any live fire you notice. Note that fusion, kinesys, and physical projectiles are harder to see than most energy discharge. Also remember that lasers are very hard to see in nitrogen-free environments. 3. If you have to, run for safer cover or escape. Remember to vary your speed and weave erratically to throw off anyone who may be firing at you. 4. Above all, stay calm. Attempt to make as little noise or motion as possible. 5. If you have a weapon, only use it if it is absolutely neccecary! When firing, aim for the main mass of the body or the legs. Remember that projectile weapons, shockwave weapons, and older fusion weapons have recoil and can hurt you if fired improperly!
6. Even if you have a weapon, keep it concealed whenever possible! You do not want to give the impression of being an armed combatant! 7. If you have a distress beacon or call-amp, activate it whenever you are in a safe enough place to do it.

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