Maritza Campos

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/ma-'rhit-sa/ n.

Author of [College Roomies from Hell!!!], and usually refered to by just her first name among her fans. For example:

- Laserlips: "[[...] SHE'S CUTE!!! *dies*" - Talix(?): "Yeah. She's also married. :cool:" - Laserlips: "*dies again, this time violently*. Oops, sorry Maritza."

Maritza's exceptional beauty, talent and twistiness, along with other qualities are, according to many boardies, worth her the title of "Goddess". She's also funny when posting to Her board. For example:

- Strangeone: When will we see an April-centered storyline? - Skane: When...

   * (a list of other things that are highly unlikely to happen)
   * we stop asking Maritza about an April-centered storyline. 

- Maritza Campos: Hey, I like that idea. :)

Another, pretty old jewel from Maritza:

- bruceluis: What [[...] is a trout? You mean the fish, or something else? - Maritza Campos: Do what I do. Just pretend that you understand, say some nonsense, and smile. :) - Eterock: That pretty much explains many things about CRFH.

Maritza also hangs out in #crfh, using a pretty obvious nickname: crfh. However, most #crfh newbies won't know that crfh is actually Maritza until they're told...

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