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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

Marsha Hart

Marsha Hart shouldn't, normally, rate much of a mention in the Board's files. Okay, there's her unfortunate birth with what she calls "Snow White Syndrome", a form of low-level animal empathy – but frankly, in this weird and wonderful world it's hardly going to make headlines. A curiosity to Weird Science specialists, but nothing more. Her other claims to "fame" – several stalking and assault convictions, and a lack of skill in cooking that borders on deliberate sabotage – would barely rate a margin note, if it wasn't for the people she hung out with. She also boasts a degree of skill in electronics, which is partly why she has the aforementioned criminal record.

Marsha's past is murky – not "occult murky", just murky. Her failure to inherit her family's cooking talents (her father's restaurant chain proudly rate a full set of Michelin stars, and her mother suspended a lucrative career as a celebrity TV chef to raise her), while apparently not an issue for her parents, deeply upset Marsha as a child. Her obsessive efforts to duplicate her father's skill appear to have warped her personality towards obsessiveness in general. This tendency got her into trouble when her high school boyfriend attempted to leave her – by all accounts, the relationship was messy anyway, but Marsha responded with a calculated campaign of stalking using dubiously-acquired industrial espionage equipment (she may well have built the devices herself, suggesting considerable talent). A five-month campaign of terror culminated in a bloody assault on her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend with a fire extinguisher. By the time the police had arrived, an enraged Marsha had resorted to teeth, fingernails, and (tellingly) kitchen utensils.

Skilled lawyers managed to avoid jail time for the traumatised young woman, but she still underwent months of psychiatric counseling. Her family's efforts to cover up the debacle failed to keep the matter out of the papers, but suppressed it far enough to be little more than a blip on Marsha's life. She was packed off to university as quickly as possible...where she met her on-off boyfriend, Michael Green. Unsurprisingly, the pair's shared interest in controlling others means their relationship, for all its occasional flareups, has remained generally stable to date.

Board interest in Marsha was mostly as a route to Michael and his friends – she remains a moderating influence on her near-explosive roommates, something to be thankful for, and has remained surprisingly calm despite April's provocations. Marsha also possesses a genuinely practical streak which, unlike Margaret, does not equate "preparation" with "stocking up on high explosives". Her "syndrome" appears to be under control, a fact which arouses not inconsiderable interest from M-Division and Weird Science. If she can influence the behaviour of small animals to a considerable degree, could this perhaps be...upgraded?

All this went straight out the window when she suddenly developed wings, of course.

Best-case theories say this stemmed from an incident involving mutated batlike potatoes shortly after the second blue mushroom outbreak. And when a sentence like that is the best case, you know things are going to go downhill rapidly. It seems the weirdness just caught up to Marsha, and now...the Goddess only knows.

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