Master Shake

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the female... shake. Duh

Name: Master or Mistress Shake, which ever confuses you the least ot the most, it's all fun for me
Age/Sex/looks and etc.: 19 year old female shake with a purple straw and is the size of any regular shake.
Background: Not much is known- she was ordered one day at a fast food joint, but then forgotten at the counter. After being left there for quite some time she somehow made it from there to the boards (someone else must have brought her to the boards).
Personality: She says things as they come to mind, and sometimes those things can be really random, such as saying "I like cheetos" when asked the time of day. But mostly she is a bit silent and reserved to herself, although she can at times be a bit spontanious. When asked to help she hardly ever says "no," however she is a horrible fighter... no skills in that department other than her "Shake power" which spits shake out of her straw... but not very far, it just kinda drops to the ground. But she'll give it her best shot. She hates to fail, and she hates ignorance. Her greatest fear is death (or to be more broad, uncertaintly), she can't spell at all... um... hmm... She is searching for a signifigant other, however it's a bit hard for a shake Icon_wink.gif

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