Midnight Wonder

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the magic unicorn and cute girl

Height: Unicorn: 17.1 hands. Human: 5'4".

Mass: Unicorn: Around 2000lb. Human: 120.

Appearance: Most often found in unicorn form. MW is pure white with a long white mane and tail, and a large shiny horn that glows ever so slightly; often helpful in the dark. When pushed to the edge, MW assumes the form of Midnight Horror, who looks mostly the same, only with fangs and a temper unlike any other. It is a poor soul who encounters the Midnight Horror. Lastly, MW also has a human form: a small, 16 year-old girl with long curly hair and blue eyes. Her hair is her trademark; everyone can recognize her from it. She wears a little tank top, usually covered by a big sweatshirt in the cold, and jeans + sneakers, always with interesting socks. Template:Smile She is likely to be found near or hanging off the arm of boo.

Alignment: Neutral

Known Board Associations: Not very many of the board... her human form has been dubbed "#crfh's pinup girl", which could certainly prove useful in a time of desperation. She also leads an ice cream cult, which has yet to be explored, and has several minions to her knowledge.

Personality: MW can be your best friend or your worst enemy. As a friend and ally, she is caring, loyal, and willing to put herself in danger to protect another. However, those who have wronged her in the past are in for a beating; don't get in her way. In general, MW used to be cheerful, happy, and pleasant all the time, but lately has started becoming more cynical, bitter, and sarcastic. If anyone makes a stupid statement, MW is the first to comment, usually much too loudly, often making an ass of herself (ouch, sorry for the pun Icon_wink.gif).

Quirks: Is irritated by big grammar/spelling mistakes. Never mind that these are not complete sentences. Icon_wink.gif Also aggravated by lack of due respect towards herself or her friends.

Strengths: MW's horn is magical; it can be used in many ways. To name a few, she can heal and respawn allies, compensate for her lack of opposable thumbs by shooting out magic to lift and move stuff about, and hold back an enemy for just a while. When at a full gallop, she can reach incredible speeds, and has the ability to fly. She can take a passenger on her back (note: passenger, not rider); however, this can only be accomplished with permission directly from herself. Anyone who tries to ride her will quickly find himself on the ground in a painful, convulsing heap. She is quick-thinking and bright.

Weaknesses: MW is incredibly loyal, and will risk her own life for the safety of another. If a teammate falls, she is there trying to revive him or her until the enemy is upon her. She also lets her emotions get the better of her from time to time (read: all the time). Often this emotion is anger, and she tends to do things in a blind rage (hence Midnight Horror's existence). As for physical weakness, her legs are especially vulnerable, as they are on any horse, and she is not capable of healing herself. (Also, this is her first PFF in which she plans to be active, and may not have alot of free time due to RL, which could be a slight weakness.. erm... So if I go missing for a few days, I'm probably still alive somewhere.)

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