Mighty Flea

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the wereflea computer geek

Name: Mighty Flea
Height: ~190 cm
Weight: ~110 kg
Gender: Male
Age: In the 30's

Appearance: Human. Blond short hair, with beginning baldness. Also, he is growing a bit of a belly(?). Wears your normal everyday clothing: A pair of jeans, T-shirt, sweatshirt.

Alignment: Chaotic good

Board things: He is a newbie. 'nuff said :) Not many friends / foes yet. A big fan of Margaret. And loves nonsense contests.

Personality: Mighty Flea is mostly friendly, relaxed and helpful. However, sometimes he manages to piss people off by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He is a computer geek; a networker, to be more specific. He is proud of his abilities and always helpful when someone with a problem comes up to him.

Being a nice guy, he lacks knowledge of most of the dirty tricks, though. On the other hand, he is by far the most disorganized person you have met. He keeps a cool head in a crisis though; when half of your life is a crisis, you have a lot of training there... He likes a cheerful chaos and might even try to stir something up if things become too quiet. Mighty Flea loves music; although his tastes are not shared by everyone: (I will use real artists here so that you get the feeling)
- various kinds of folk music - Tom Waits; Tori Amos; Meret Becker; Anything strange and perhaps a bit sinister/melancholy. Not Gothic, though, because it lacks depth, mostly. - Early Music; pre-Baroque if possible.

Although being relaxed most of the time, he has a few pet peeves that will really make him mad: - People speaking bad of Margaret - Bad music (mostly pop and pseudo-folk) - People that kick other people around, or are just generally arrogant.

He is addicted to coffeine; coffee or tea, it does not relly matter. Coffee when he's stressed out, tea to relax.

Combat-wise: Mighty Flea dislikes modern weaponry. He is fanatically fond of his bow, and is at an intermediate level with it. He can handle a sword if it comes up close and personal.

He has been known to scare people off by playing the recorder :D

Specials: Mighty Flea can turn into a - guess :D - a flea. Just your normal, ordinary flea that will molest your pet dog or cat. He does not do this often; this is just impractical, after all. If you change with your clothes on, it takes half an eternity to crawl out of your clothing before you can do anything. And you will have to change back, eventually... However, this form is great for when you need to be small and unnoticed. And it's great for molesting all these furries out there :D

Strengths / Weaknesses: See above, mostly. Mighty Flea is also very prone to PSL and Mindwarp.

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