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the Drax Elite

Drax Elite Moltare Erda Age: Somewhat over 300 years
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human, Tare clan Cultine
Height: 6'-
Weight: 11st
Build: Not overly heavy, but fairly strong and very fast.
Hair Colour(s): Black
Eye Colour(s): Cat's eyes, green
Clothing (armour): N-lock (collapsible) Drax armour suit - built-in manasink, morphic resonator, vision enhancement and servomotors. Jetpack when it's funny to have a convenient jetpack.

Moltare Erda is human by species and Cultine by race; the name means that he is Erda, a recognised male member of the Tare clan.

Moltare is a Drax Elite, a soldier dedicated to ensuring that narrative convention is followed in each of the two hundred or so major alternate universes, and as such is heavily armed and armoured and usually accompanied by his AI 'Buzzer' ship (the Symphony in Mental Blackout, a sarky little lady who's always taking the piss).

By far the most impressive piece in the arsenal, however, must be the Fancy Wismo. This device, thought to have something to do with Hammerspace, is the epitome of everything Q branch ever stood for: it can be set to many different uses, including the Tabasco Enema Application Unit, the Pie Everyone Module and other helpful things.

Accessories: Heavily armed. Besides the gadgets mentioned, twin needleguns (sonic, low range, variable power), twin shardrifles (kinetic accelerator, high ROF, silent fire, variety of ammunition), mild 'deeplight' McCer cannon (compressed laser cannon, low ROF, highly damaging), twin kinetic compressors (stores and unleashes energy provided by movement, excellent antipersonnel and against power armour) and the Fancy Wismo. Weaponry projects a crosshair onto the HUD. Carries a bladed shortstaff (5' including two 10" blades) which flames at the ends (flame variety changes in different situations).

Abilities/Skills: Trained in narrative convention recognition/manipulation, his main line of work is for the Dracite Legion ensuring the proper outcome of significant events in various timelines of possibility. His Central Control superiors tend to interfere with his life a great deal, hence the quote 'The only Boardie whose superiors mess him about more than Raidan's'. Friends in a number of useful places including the B.S.S. Funky Horror and associated organisations; during recent PFF events he was seemingly fairly high up the chain of command on the station.

Special Effects: The only extrahuman ability Moltare owns personally is an ability to successfully pull off any of the sixty or so Entrances listed by Loweko (eg #34: Drop through a skylight with all guns blazing) 100% of the time.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Moltare has no form of defense against psionics (any supernatural effect on the universe involving no form of mana), and also tends to be given problems in hostage situations where the hostage is vital to the future of the reality. The armour, however, defends him against most weaponry short of railguns and any mana/chi/ki/Force/etc-using magic - as long as it's active. He's extremely good in a fight, but tends to be unsubtle unless he sits and thinks the situation through.

Description of Personality: Claims to be ready to do anything in order to complete the job at hand, and can be truly ruthless, but actually tends to stick quite closely to an old-style chivalric code. Very loyal to his Command and his friends, he also owes allegiance to a deity known as the Incarnation of Twisty Goodness.

Moltare Erda: Attempting to adjust the course of perversion since May 2000.

Worth noting, however, that:

  1. the Fancy Wismo is a Godmoding device and as such is seen only rarely;
  2. Board Moltare carries a bladed shortstaff, while Moltare in the fiction for which he was designed has a pair of wristblades instead;
  3. 3.) Central may ban any or all of Moltare's mods or weapons in particular circumstances.
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