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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

As stunning an achievement as the Funky Horror is, the station is not perfect. Long flight times to and from orbit make rapid response slower than the Board would like, and in space every gram of mass must be accounted for. Lobbying from various pressure groups who felt under-represented aboard the mammoth station, especially ones who didn't like the world at large knowing the mass of every item they brought aboard, led to calls for another, equally-advanced base on the ground, one that could also take over Speculation operations when/if the Funky Horror's own array was down.

And then, her ambition only equal to her charm, Hazel Green got wind of this. Seeing the value of making the Board owe her a large favour, she "bid on the contract", as she put it, and was awarded construction rights by a curious Board eager to end their costly wariness of her and discover just what she was after this< time.

The Dragon supplied one of her old oil rigs deep in the Pacific Rim, much of the materials, and leased space and time in her factories and warehouses, while the Board supplied the expertise and equipment to turn her pipe-dreams of a deep-sea base into reality. Nemo is a dual-level base, comprising a massively-converted oil rig superstructure sitting above an ocean-floor habitat built into an undersea ridge. The upper facility includes a short, carrier-style runway, several submarine pens, and a docking platform for ocean-going vessels, while the undersea portion houses deeper, more secure research sectors. These sectors were intended for high-energy technomagical research, alongside deep-storage facilities for the Board's mouldering atomic arsenal (now obsolete and deeply pointless anyway). Despite a chequered construction and numerous teething troubles (resulting in several RESPAWNs), the base came online on schedule and has operated without major hitches since. Not that life down there is simple, oh no...

In the final agreements (all signed and sealed in contracts scrutinised with the legal equivalent of electron microscopes), the Greens get one of the sub pens and laboratory modules, alongside access to the other laboratories and living space, and a cut of any technological research, while the Board retains the rest of the base - and they were damn sure this "rest" included the links to the surface and life support systems, alongside the atomic storage facility, for despite the pronouncements of mutual support from their masters, neither side trusts the other an inch. The Boardies assigned to Nemo are certain the Greens are just waiting for the order to try and take over the facility entirely, while naturally the Greens themselves are anticipating the exact same thing...and in the meanwhile, the uneasy accords between the two contingents help keep the peace between the Green cartels and the Board at large.

Ironically, Hazel is highly unlikely to order a takeover - she views a small, constant percentage of Board research as far more valuable than the mere short-term gain of looting the labs. Best not to kill a goose laying golden eggs, after all. For their part, the Board are steadily moving M-Division facilities into Nemo as planned, quietly confident that they, of all people, should be more than capable of holding onto the base.

But it'll be a long time before any seriously classified material is routed to Nemo, and being stationed there (or even passing through it) can get a Boardie hours of checkups by Intelligence to ensure they're the same person coming out as went in.

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