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  • Player: Remnant Of Fear
  • Name: Omni
  • Species or Race: Paradox
  • Gender: Multiple
  • Age: Inconsistent
  • Height: Varies
  • Weight: Varies
  • Hair color: Yes
  • Eye color: usually
  • Typical Clothing: several million full wardrobes
  • Appearance: subject to change on an hourly basis
  • Occupation: Freeloader
  • Alignment: Neutral Random
  • Characteristic quote: ""Stupid fanboy...""
  • Strengths: contains the collective minds and bodies of over a million characters that either never got used, are incomplete, or got abandoned. Ranging from a gnome of below average stature to a sentient planet. Only the abilities of forms capable of possessing others or otherwise becoming part of them carry over to the next form she takes, at the moment that is limited to Sagarua her reaper body, Axelos a tron style viral program she gets her disc and Light weapons from, Amedus God of creation and father of the twelve elemental beasts from a world that at one time was connected to the board, and lastly Solegus God of Deception and mother of the twelve from the same world. (should that connection be reestablished, she would loose both sets of deity powers)
  • Weaknesses: Without outside help, Omni can not control which form she is in at any given time, as rem is the only shape shifter I've ever written that was capable of being part of another character. Amedus and Solegus abilities are also prone to instability, due to technically having only one follower (Omni's mortal form) at the current time, the complexity of Omni's existence is probably the only reason they haven't entirely ceased to be deities.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Reaper mental abilities, Creation Healing and Knowledge domains, Darkness Madness and Trickery domains.
  • Weaponry: Two programmable light batons, and a third generation dual identity disc
  • Ship: herself, thanks to rem's rewrite scrapping, and therefore giving her, his ability to partition himself into separate entities (in said form she becomes a ship's AI)
  • Friends: none yet
  • Likes: varies from form to form
  • Dislikes: changing, Remnant

Other traits worth noting: Omni is effectively an empty shell, spiritually. No soul, no machine spirit, no spiritual energy of any kind. This makes for unusual reactions to certain stimuli, and allows him/her/it to be more susceptible to supernatural forms of possession. this is primarily the result of her being constructed out of people who for all intents and purposes do not exist.

Due partially to being an empty shell, and partially to his/her/its ever-changing physiology, Omni is incapable of being connected to respawn or other such reanimation devices. As a way around this disadvantage he can 'partition' her unused forms into separate entities. As Omni's personality primarily comes from Sagarua with bits of Axelos Amedus and Solegus mixed in, this partitioned form may temporarily have an atypical personality. Once Reaper Indoctrination (telepathic, psychic power) kicks in Sagarua's personality will assume direct control, and the other body gains all of "Omni's" transferable abilities. This means that while Omni has limited lives, she has as many lives as he has unused forms. However, she has little control over which form gets partitioned, beyond it having to be the approximate size of the mass she's partitioning.

Personality: Omni can be a bit unstable due to Solegus' insanity and pathologically deceptive nature. Axelos' corruptive influence and desire to consume other AIs doesn't really help, and Sagarua despite being sympathetic to humanity is still a reaper, so there's the whole god complex and plural self image. Though the plural self image at least does kind of fit Omni as a whole, it still can be unnerving to have someone periodically refer to themselves as a plural entity, especially if pointing out that they are in disagreement with them self and want an outside opinion. ...and then there's Amedus who likes to help people, and also the current host form, more of whom will be present the less he/she/it tried to fight Sagarua.

History: not much yet.

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