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the mage/technician/backpacker

Now, while this thread is up, I might as well post Paradoxon. The concept is roughly that of a Mage/Technician/Backpacker.

Paradoxon is a 19 years old male, athletic, big nose, blue eyes, short blonde hair.

Normally dressed in dark-shaded woolen pullovers, Fjellraven pants (hiking pants with lots of pockets) and light hiking boots.

General Stuff
He has no fixed home and prefers to sleep where it fits, normally with a newspaper over his face. His belongings a stored away in his infinite leg pockets. His past is unknown, as he seems to have none and keeps quiet about his origins.

His general character can be best described as slightly stoic, since he finds himself almost always in some strange situation. He is used to strange things. When there is a job to do, Paradoxon tries to do it as efficiently as possible. No need for drama.

Aboard the Funky Horror, Paradoxon serves no special purpose. There are reports of him helping out at various small jobs, but most of the time he just wanders around, looks out off a window or is nowhere to be found.

On his left wrist he wears a small, black device, known as the p-launcher.
It stores a large stock of undefined possibilities, which can be triggered by thought. To define a possibility into an event/object etc., the probability of the desired action must be calculated. To do so, Paradoxon refers to p-space (p stands for possibility/probability), a parallel dimension which he can access with his mind. Unfortunately, probabilities close to 0 have a fair amount of uncertainty, so the more unlikely something is, the higher is the risk of a mistake. You ask fireball, you get moose. Also, his stored possibilities have only limited energy, so he can cast only things up to the size of a car or the energy of a medium-sized (2m diameter) plasmaball.

His ability to access p-space has also some impact on his general behaviour. He tends to stare blank when his mind slides through the strings of possible events in p-space. He finds himself waking up in unknown places, for reasons unknown.

He can also use possibilities without the p-launcher, but has a higher chance of failure, as he lacks the computers which support the p-launcher.

Theoretically, the precision of the p-launcher could be enhanced by linking it to more powerfull computer systems, like the speculation arrays aboard the FH.

Apart from the use of the p-launcher, Paradoxon rarely uses other weaponary. Nevertheless he is proficient in the use of various projectile/energy weapons as well as blunt weapons.

Although he uses kevlar vests and helmets in combat situation, he is normally unarmored. There are no special immunities, as he prefers to stay out of the line of fire in first place. That doesn't mean he won't take up weapons when it becomes necessary, but he is fond of cover and stealthy approaches.

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