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Roger's pet coyote. His name is a pet form of the spanish name José. Named Yog-sosoth by [Steve and Waldo]. Unofficially a werecoyote too; see [1]

This is an old post from Maritza about the subject (May 17, 2000):

quote: Originally posted by Moo: " The french don't have many coyotes, and a rock isn't fluffy. And this cat isn't white. See?"

Why the french???? What's so french with Pepe? Oooooh I get it. Pepe le Pew. Nononono, Pepe is a nick for José, a very popular mexican name. And we have plenty of coyotes :)

This board is a gold mine. This ideas are too good! Like I said, it's gonna be hard to pick just one :)


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