Permanent Brainwarp

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the evil lackey who was split in two

Names: Permanent and Brainwarp
Age: early 20's
Height: 6'
Weight: 155 lbs

Backstory: Once a single evil lackey that was spilt in two during a very strange set of circumstances, Permanent contains all the evil (and for the most part intelligence) that made up the original, wheras Brainwarp contains everything else. There is a mindlink between the two, which keeps Permanent sane. Generaly a goofy pair used for comic relief, Permanent has the tendancy to turn very evil if his mindlink with Brainwarp is shut down. In general, they tell people they are brothers to cut down the confusion.
Description: Light Brown Hair, bright blue eyes, farmers tan. Both have custom black leather jackets that are strongly magic resistant, bullet and laser proof, and can make the wearer invisable for a short period of time.

Permanent: Red T-shirts, Blue jeans.
Brainwarp: Blue dress shirts, untucked and w/ the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, and black pants.

Permanent - generaly more sarcastic than evil. He is a compulsive liar and uses trechery to achieve his goals most of the time. He is fiercly loyal to his 'brother' and watches over him constantly, which would account for the fact Brainwarp has lived for as long as he has. Three things can drive him into a homicidal rage 1) One up-ing him in any way. 2)Harming Brainwarp 3)Coming between Permanent and his ice cream.

Brainwarp- Very stupid, but very kind, loyal and good. The only reason why Brainwarp stays on as an evil lackey is because Permanent tells him to. He has a tendancy to be distracted by shiny things and pretty girls.

Permanent: His intelligence, and his skills as an assassin.

Brainwarp: His combat skills (armed and unarmed), his strength and agility

Permanent: Can't handle hand-to-hand combat, not any good at it. Has an extreme affinity for ice cream.

Brainwarp: Mostly a pacifist, except when backed into a corner. He also lives up to his name.

Permanent: Poisoned daggers and long range weapons.

Brainwarp: Twin blades that he wears at his back, a desert eagle .50, and whatever he picks up from his opponents. He is skilled with any weapon.

Misc. They each carry half of an amulet that can open dimensional portals.

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