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Name: Robert William Preston
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 11" (180cm)
Weight: 160 lbs
Age: 22
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown (eyes flash a deep blue with strenuous use of powers)
Race: Caucasian (American)

Powers and abilities

Put simply, Preston is a psychic. A general overview of his powers would include telepathy, psychokinesis and clairsentience - but that doesn't simply add up to "reading minds, lifting things with his mind, seeing the future". His powers are very versatile, in that the general terms of telepathy, psychokinesis etc. Defining the full range of his powers would be almost impossible; given that under "psychokinesis", the manipulation of objects remotely on the micro- or macroscopic level, he can (to state only three examples) shape local pressure and create deafening thunderclaps by manipulating air molecules, plug the barrel of a gun with telekinetic force, or simply fling a car at some unlucky person. In general, though, he has displayed:
- Manipulation of multiple macroscopic objects - up to and including objects that weigh 3 tons
- Manipulation of multiple microscopic objects - up to and including the manipulation of molecules; he can speed up or slow down their vibration and therefore manipulate their kinetic energy
- Extra-sensory perception, including psychometry (the ability to divine information about an object by touching it) and telesthesia (detection of the environment without using human senses)
- Telepathy, including mind-reading, empathy (reading and, to a small extent, manipulating emotions) mental broadcasting, and manipulation of thoughts and memories
- Teleportation, including translocating himself and other objects across massive distances

This wide range of abilities ensures that Preston can react effectively to almost any situation, combative or social. Over the years, Preston has vastly increased in power by maintaining a healthy respect for his extra-normal abilities, doing his best to understand their true potential.
Robert William Preston, born on the 21st of March, 1984, developed paranormal powers at around the age of sixteen. The true origin of his power is still a complete mystery - Preston himself has theorised that it could be a mutagenic advantage, the meddling of some extradimensional entity, or a simple genetic fluke. He was eventually noticed by Spec at the age of twenty, when he assisted the police with a bizarre and near-unsolvable murder case, figuring out the situation through ESP and solving the mystery within a mere six hours. After scrutinising him carefully and measuring the scope of his powers, the Board swooped in and threw Rob headfirst into the world of the magnificent Boardies.
Preston is highly intelligent and can pick up new knowledge very easily; he's constantly alert, keeping his eyes and ears open for any details and incorporating them into his personal knowledge. He combines this with an almost eidetic memory; he can recall almost any experience with great accuracy and detail. Because of the wide range of his powers, Preston sees the study of physics, biology and mathematics as paramount to his own advancement as a person and a Boardie. He is very knowledgeable about these subjects, and uses this to better understand his own abilities.
Preston undertakes mental exercises regularly to increase and regulate his psychic powers, and to ensure his own mental well-being. He has also been known to teach others these exercises.
Preston's powers take up much of his life, but despite this, he enjoys the social aspects of being a Boardie. He especially likes being in large crowds; like many psychics, large displays of human thought and interaction are comforting to him. However, he can be totally solitary at times, reatreating into his quarters for days on end for mental exercise and introspection.
However, he does have several flaws - he tends to be a know-it-all, and constantly corrects anyone around him in the subjects of science, maths and philosophy. His deep respect for science, reason, and the natural balance of the world have given him a deep fear of magic and other aspects of the universe which cannot be readily explained. He is extremely wary around magical characters and is renowned for not going anywhere near M-Div.
On missions, he wears a pair of dark-lens goggles which appear to have no special function; whether they are a psychic aid or simply a prized possesion, only he knows for sure.

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