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the werewolf

Name: Pseudowolf

Age: 23

Alignment: I don't play D&D, so I'm really not sure, but I think it'd be Neutral Good.

Species: I'm a werewolf. However, I'm unique in that I have no human form. I have only Hybrid and Wolf.

Hybrid form: Of my two forms, this is my favorite form and I spend most of my time in it. I look like a human/grey wolf mix. I'm 7' tall, have yellow eyes (like most wolves), and a dark greyish-brown coat, with snow white underparts. My fur is light brown on the top and sides of my muzzle and under the eyes. My tail is 16" long (see my avatar). In this form, my speed, strength, and agility are much greater than the average human's. I also have the ability to converse with any were in their "full animal form" and non-were canines.

Wolf form: I spend very little time in this form as well. I can run faster and am a little more flexible than in my hybrid form, so I generally "go full wolf" if I need to make a quick escape or am in a hurry. In this form, I'm basically a larger- and stronger-than-average grey wolf. I'm 6 feet in length (including the tail), 2'9" at the shoulder, and weigh 175lbs. My fur coloring is the same as in my hybrid form. In this form, I'm color-blind. Also, while I can still easily converse with any other weres and non-were canines, I lose the ability to speak English.

Personality: It can take some time to earn that my trust. However, once someone does I'm incredibly loyal to them and expect my loyalty to be reciprocated. If that trust is broken, it is nearly impossible to regain. To me, betrayal is unforgivable. Also, I expect people to keep their promises. My opinion is that if someone can't keep a promise, they shouldn't make it. I'm fairly clever, but I can make mistakes like everyone else. Often, I'll think of a "really great idea", only to realize some little detail that kills it. However, under pressure I can usually figure out a solution that works, especially if I have someone to think it over with. I'm fairly stoic, and generally stay calm even in high-pressure situations. However, I do have a playful side and am capable of relaxing and having a good time, especially when I'm with friends. I don't like to fight, but if I have to I fight to win and have no qualms about "fighting dirty".

Peeves: I don't like people who are talk incessantly or who talk down to me. Also, disrespect really irks me. I don't mind kidding around or joking with someone, but if it crosses the line from playful irreverence to flagrant disrespect, you'll be getting on my nerves and if you persist you will see my bad side. You don't want to see my bad side. I hate waiting and if I'm forced to do so for long periods of time with nothing to do I begin to get very agitated.

Other: When I'm traveling, I like to carry a solid oak staff. I can use it as a weapon if need be, but I prefer to use my teeth and claws. It's just so much more fulfilling! And I don't want to damage my staff. Good staffs don't grow on trees, you know. Well, okay, technically they do, but you know what I mean!

Since I'm a werewolf, my body is pretty resistant to injury by normal means. I'm not invicible, however, and I have two main weaknesses. The first is decapitation, which will cause instant death. This is no easy task, however. Most people would only end up injuring my neck and making me angry. Not good odds, so most people don't try it.

My other main weakness are injuries directly caused by magic, silver, or other weres. By "directly", I mean the injury has to be a inflicted by a silver or magic object, or physically inflicted by a were him/herself. For example, a were attacking me with a non-silver and non-magical object, wouldn't fit into this catagory. However, a were attacking me with his bare claws and teeth, or with a silver and/or magical weapon would. These injuries effect me as they would a normal human and heal at the same rate as for a normal human. For example, if I fell down a hill and broke my leg, I wouldn't be able to walk on it for 15 minutes or so while it healed, but after that I'd be just fine. However, if another were broke my leg with his bare hands (or paws, or claws, or whatever), it'd affect me as it would a normal human, meaning I'd need the bone set, and my leg would be unusable and likely in a cast for a while. Due to this weakness, I have something of a phobia concerning silver and won't (knowingly) use any weapons made of silver. I'm also a little uncomfortable around magic-users and it can be difficult for one to earn my trust (though not impossible). Shifting between form is easy and painless, and I can do so at will. A full moon doesn't have any effect on my ability to change forms, but it does cause all of my abilities to be heightened somewhat, especially my senses of smell, hearing, and sight.

Quirks & Miscellaneous: When I was growing up, none of my pack members nor myself wore clothes. Noone in our forest territory ever seemed to mind and we never saw any need for it. After all, we were covered with fur, what more did we need? Also, we didn't see anything so wrong with our bodies that we felt we needed to hide them. However, I quickly found out that some people, mostly humans, found my nudity unsettling. I don't quite understand why, but for their sake I wear a nice, simple, green loincloth when I'm going to be around them.

I have a very nice bass singing voice and I can also howl beautifully. I really enjoy singing. I don't like singing solo in front of others, because I'm nervous about them thinking I sound bad. However, if I'm in a group that's singing I have no problem except for mild "stage-fright".

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