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Little ol' me

  • Finally gets off butt*

Okay, Pyroenix is human, with a phoenix form. She can be completely human, completely bird, or any mix of the two. She doesn't like going full-on phoenix though, because she feels as if she loses some of her human self when she does.

She is definitely not the best fighter, and tries to avoid fighting, but will put up quite a defense if the need arises. Her weapon of choice is a bow. She prefers fighting from a distance, as she doesn't like looking people (or other beings) in the face when her intent is to make them hurt.

She also tries to avoid fighting because she is a member of QUILLS. Also, since she is a member of QUILLS, she recieved a nanite upgrade, giving her the 'standard enhanced senses/reflexes/etc' along with taking away her need to breathe. Poisonous gasses do not affect her, and the only thing she needs to worry about when diving deep is decompression sickness. As a side effect of no longer needing to breathe, she is also impervious to vacuum.

She tends to be quiet and stick to herself, but can get quite bouncy once you know her. She is extremely loyal to those she knows, and will do whatever she can to help out.

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