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Grand Tiger Elementalist

Species: Anthropomorphic Tiger-Man
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160lbs
Hair Color: Blonde (Pony-tail)
Fur Color: Emerald Green with Azure Blue Stripes
Eye Color: Shifty (Grey to Hazel on the spectrum, includes Blues)
Occupation: None
Alignment: None or Sway Neutral
Abilities: Geomancy, Box of Tricks (many, many things, most not yet known, but limited), A Shed, Fire Enchanted, Ability to Warp between Dimensions/Planes/Universes (but takes a bit to work up and only once per day), and Basic Summoning (IRC only).
Weapons: Toothpicks (accupuncture style skills, some metal and other materials), Kirby Keychain of Doom, Twain Staff (tm), and misc weapons found in the box (mainly swords and the occassional TG/Ray gun).
Equipment: A light robe, a loin cloth, set of Mythril Armor (from box, but rarely comes out).
Weaknesses: Catnip/Cat toys, and shiny objects (coins, things of value).

      • And for all values and purposes, DO NOT cause mutations in me as the Evil, overly NC-17 Female Power-gaming Herm Demon Dragoness form often spews forth, and that is NOT a good thing. (Tentacles, CoP everything, Too fast, Insta kills... etc.)
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