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the skifter

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (usually)

Appearance: Variable. Reatheran is an extremely good shapeshifter, and thus is able to look like pretty much whatever he wants to. He can't change his mass, though, other than in the ways any human can. It's fixed at about 250 pounds.

Age: Uncertain. Reatheran has a racial memory stretching back through all of his ancestors that is exactly as clear as his own. Skifters reproduce in a way similar to bacteria, in the sense that the offspring are identical to the parent. In a very real sense, Reatheran could be said to be as old as his race, and that is many millennia old.

Background: Reatheran is a Skifter, a member of a shapeshifting race with an extreme bloodlust built into their psyche and the ability to act upon it. Thus, it should surprise no one that they are now almost extinct. That is a good thing for everyone but the Skifters. They were almost completely wiped out by the Drax during what was known as the Extermination Wars. How Reatheran survived is unknown, as he has volunteered none of his personal history. His initial reason for joining the board was simple: he wanted to get a chance to kill MolTARE. Although in the time since his joining he has given up on that goal, he is still extremely uncomfortable when the Drax is around. In his time on the board, he has become a fanatic follower of the Green family, which has gained him many enemies, and an ardent protector of Steve and Waldo, which has gained him more.

Personality: Like all of his race, Reatheran has an extreme urge to kill everything he encounters. It colors all of his thoughts. He finds it very difficult to think of other people as anything but prey. He usually doesn't bother. Although he has a few friends, he is hated throughout most of the boards. This is due to the enjoyment he finds in torturing others, both physically and mentally. His dry sense of humor, extreme anti-socialness, and tendency to hunt down and kill anyone who annoys him have combined into an extremely interesting personality. He is also extremely arrogant, and often refuses to acknowledge that anyone else has any real intelligence or ability, resulting in near-suicidal overconfidence.

Abilities: Reatheran is a shapeshifter. As a side effect of that, he is extremely difficult to wound of kill. Anything that does not destroy a significant portion of his body mass will do him no harm, although it may be painful. He can also duplicate most people well enough to fool almost everyone, and the ability to assume any form, including very dangerous ones, is useful in a fight. Also, Skifters can eat anything, including poisons, rocks, and Marsha's cooking. They usually prefer to eat live flesh.

Weaponry: Reatheran is extremely dangerous with any ranged weapon. He usually carries pistol-sized weapons, but can, and will, use anything. He doesn't use melee weapons. An unarmed Skifter is about the most dangerous melee opponent there is. The memories of the entire Skifter race add up to a dangerous amount of knowledge of fighting. However, none of the realities he has frequented in the past had any form of magic. He has very little knowledge of the subject and a dangerous tendency to underestimate its potential.

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