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Enigmatic Magical Girl

  • snerk. Magical Girl!*

Species: Anthropomorphic Tiger-woman.
Gender: Female
Age: Not telling!
Height: 5'11"
Weight: (-Obvious lie-) 100lbs
Hair color: Deep black
Fur color: Jet black with radiating deep blue stripes
Eye color: Deep green
Occupation: Effigy of Enigma
Alignment: Lawful Good, or Lawful Neutral
Abilities: Power of Enigma (totally random, using a special random event generator called the Enigma Engine [forgot site but I still go it and tailored by me!]), The Magical Girl trait (gem on dress/skirt, changes into a fighter form, white flowing skirt and top, weapons below), and slight casting (to be determined).
Equipment: Magical Girl form: A sword named Eldarith and a shield named Leabus. Armor is to be determined (so far a shifting/hardening set of white flowing skirt/top). Non-Magical Girl: No armor but can conjure different pieces of equipment as needed.

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