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the unpredictable empath

Profile for Rejisu, the Walking Dream

Appearance (generally): Youngish male, long black hair, dressed generally in black and red, wearing a pendant representing an Ankh cross, filled with celtic knot-work. That's about all that is permanent about him (see Powers).

Past: Rejisu doens't know exactly what happened to him or who he was before he fell asleep on the Long Man of Wilmington, in Sussex (see my av), completely drunk, one night of winter solstice. The ley lines acted strangely, and Rejisu disappeared from Earth. Since then, he has entered the dimension of dreams, and it has changed him deeply, giving him his powers.

Powers: Rejisu is an empath, which means he takes over a form and a mood that suits either the palce or the people that are close to him. This isn't full-moded shapeshifting, but it does give him the ability to change style and looks constantly. He has no control over this power, which acts without him being conscious of him. His other power is that he can liberate bursts of pure entropy. Those tend to wreck chaos in any systems, resulting in highly improbable results to happen. While this is a conscious power, Rejisu has no control over what exactly happens. It's also this power that sometimes has him slipping through dimensions, by connecting to different dimensions linked to different probabilities in the near future.

Equipment: Rejisu carries two rods: one made of Cold Iron (unworked metal), and one made of Spirit-wood. Both of these extend to his power of empathy, which means that they can become nearly any object made of metal or wood, respectively, or both, if he combines them, but of course, these must be consistent with the mood or style he's currently adopting.

Basically, Rejisu is as unpredictable and as mutableas anything that happens in a dream, and while he knows it most of the time, he doesn't see the problem with that.

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