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Name: Rimora

Species or Race: Exploration Von Neumann

Gender: None really, but tends to go by female pronouns

Age: 642 revolutions of Earth around its sun ((Also, this is relative to her, as she was traveling at fractions of c for quite a while))

Height: 4'2" (1.3m)

Weight: 187lbs (85kg)

Hair color: None!

Eye color: Again, none!

Occupation: Exploration and production robot. Currently still needs to send out messengers to find their way home.

Alignment: Neutral Good. Quite pleasant to be around once she's gotten her bearings.

Characteristic quote:


Electronic thought processes are really, really helpful and very fast. Built in weaponry and planetary scouting sensors are also handy as hell. Mostly immune to heat, cold and a number of other things that would interfere with biological processes.

Powerful EMP's will temporarily knock her completely out of action and erase a couple minutes of memory. If anything gets past her plating, there is very little protection for very delicate and vital processes.

Special Powers and Skills: Not too much for powers, but skills she has. She is made as an explorer, harvester and, of course, reproducer. Thus, she has a good idea of how to make unusual materials and quite a bit of electronics and engineering. (Actually, she was made that way because that was what she knew but...)

Weaponry: All of Rimora's weaponry serve the main purpose of harvesting, refining and using materials to build other robots. This doesn't mean she isn't dangerous. She is equipped with a variety of tools, from laser cutting devices to an audio system which can create sounds up to 150db in a variety of frequencies.

Equipment: Lots and lots of sensory equipment. Lots of building equipment. Not much else, really. Yet, at least.

Likes: Exploring the planet and its culture. Building robots.

Dislikes: War and fighting, mostly.


Rimora came from a society of evolved AI's, living at the edges of their universe. They had been created as Von Neumann bots with (relatively) simple programming to explore and find life other than their creators. It didn't go very well for several billion years and the robots, due to errors in copying their programming, developed their own AI's. Reviewing themselves, they decided that a permanent base at their current location would be optimal to produce explorers from and send them out, rather than the roundabout way they had been going about it. Also, they decided to check on their creators, who had stopped sending messages, though that was probably due to distance. Nope. They were all dead.

Rimora herself was sent out to investigate a wormhole, which, by chance, was passing close enough to send someone through. Rimora was launched off and spent 640 years traveling towards the wormhole.

Arrival On Earth

Rimora first appeared on Earth by traveling through a wormhole, which just happened to open in Moxz0r's. After a bit of chaos, she's beginning to settle into the culture at least fairly well.


Rimora's brain appears to be a solid hunk of silicon with several thousand lasers positioned all around it and a network of "hardwired" programming in gold all throughout it. She gets her power from a very small fusion reactor, which runs off of any of the lighter elements collected from the air, or even the hydrogen in space. Running on hydrogen space requires her to have her propulsion wings open and be using very little power. Her propulsion wings are ion thrusters, which both collect hydrogen and provide thrust by expelling the fused products.

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