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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

Roger Pepitone

To put it succinctly, Roger is a weirdness magnet. In fact, he's more of a weirdness tractor beam, or possibly a weirdness singularity. The bizarre and unnatural swarm about him like a hive of friendly bees, and he merrily surfs the metaphorical wave of insanity with a cheery smile and enough skill at riding it to ensure it comfortably sees him through life.

See the above sentence? That's the product of highly-trained Speculation experts who wouldn't normally even consider using such sentences...but Roger's weirdness is all-pervasive. He talks to his favorite stuffed toy, Pepe (who apparently talks back). He has a pet rock, who is apparently a respected scholar. A pair of eyes drawn on his hand was enough to see "Mr Hand" recover from his last defeat at the hands of Nuns With Big Rulers and seek world domination. In quieter moments, the rock, plushie, and hand occasionally have three-way philosophical debates.

Roger would be a remarkable example of just how weird it can get here, even if it wasn't for the unfortunate matter of his family curse.

The sad truth is, Roger's weirdness is a shield, erected by himself to hide the unpleasant fact that he is cursed to turn into a coyote at full moon, in the process slowly and inexorably losing his mind to the predatory urge of his animal aspect. The curse has been passed down his mother's side of the family for generations, and the shock of discovering his mother "abandoned" him as a desperate measure to protect him from her rages has damaged his mental stability even further. Little remains of the mother he knew – she is now almost entirely animal, hunting tourists and hunters in the rolling woodland surrounding the university town Roger has spent all his life in. Speculation draw parallels with the Jersey Devil and Beast of Bodmin, grimly noting that no other branches of his family appear to have solved the problem either.

Despite his fear, Roger is surrounded by surprisingly stable, calming influences. His long-term relationship with Diana appears to have survived the revelations of his true nature, and his twin sister Lily appears to coping surprisingly well with their shared condition. Curious phenomena surround Roger and his sister – identical-twin-telepathy is not unheard of, and these two appear to show all the classic signs.

Frankly, something as "normal" as mere psionics would be welcome. Speculation fear the Adversary seeks to use Roger's near-psychotic were-form as a potential vessel. Trying to banish Him without harming a host would be a near-hopeless task, certain to end in Roger's death. Probably right up His alley, in other words.

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