Ryplinn Travyrs

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Half-elf cleric of Fahrlanghn

Player: Ryplinn
Name: Ryplinn Travyrs
Race: Half-elf
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Amethyst
Occupation: Cleric, occasional chef
Alignment: True neutral
Characteristic quote: "Use me as a step again and I'll flamestrike your butt."
Strengths: Regenerative Nanites, heightened elf senses (further improved by nanites), immunity to sleep effects, resistance to fear
Weaknesses: Anything that affects elves
Special Powers: Spellcasting, turn undead, music
Special Skills: Survival, cooking (usually pancakes, occasional Elven Waffles)
Weaponry: Magical mace(devastating to undead), Lightning Dagger
Equipment: Magic scale mail, magic heavy steel shield, "Kiss the Cleric" apron
Likes: breakfast pastries, making people feel better, composing, nanites
Dislikes: undead, masochists, undead, tomatoes

A picture of Ryplinn may be found here.
(Thanks to Hero Machine for this pic.)

Hey, everyone. Name’s Ryplinn. Ryplinn Travyrs. I’m a half-elf, a cleric of Fahrlanghn. He’s the god of roads and travel, and a really nice guy, once you get to know him. But this isn’t about him. It’s about me. Which is fine with me.

I suppose I’ll start with what you see: I’m 23, young for a cleric, about 5’ 7” (170 cm) tall. I weigh around 150 lbs (whatever that is in kilograms), with blonde hair and bright purple *ahem* amethyst eyes.

I came to the board as a result of a dimension door spell gone wrong. I landed in a warthread and promptly began godmoding. I mean, it’s kind of hard not to godmode when you’ve got a god on your side. Fortunately, the other boardies gently set me straight. To avoid additional godmoding, I looked for a less violent approach to the board, and discovered Urban’s Quills. I thought, where could my talents be useful in an organization like the Quills? and promptly requested and was assigned to the medical branch, under FlyingFish. Due to the Funky Horror’s exquisite RESPAWN system, I have a lot of down time, but I serve as a field medic and a backup in case RESPAWN should ever (Fahrlanghn forbid) fail.

During the long hours whiling away my time in the corner of the medical wing, I have begun to experiment with some other professions, namely cook(I make some mean Elven Waffles), computer technician, and bard. You can often find me in my corner, frantically scribbling out music, during the quiet times on the board (okay, maybe not very often).

Since stumbling into the board, I have re-established contact with my plane and have tried without success to recruit my party members to the board. Occasionally, I am absent from the board for medium-to-long periods of time. During these, I am off adventuring on my home plane. Should I ever get up off my ass and do something during my downtime, I might write about my adventures.

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