Sabin XIII

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the agile adventurer

Characteristic quote: "What?"

Alignment: Neutral Good

Strengths: Pretty agile, can jump high, light armor

Weaknesses: Not the toughest person around, light armor

Weaponry: Metal claws attached to his hands, a broken laser gun

Pet peeves: None, really.

Quirks: Sabin is generally pretty carefree, even under dire circumstances. He is also oblivious to a lot of events until they become considerably prominent, but that's OK, because Sabin is pretty good at emergency improvisation.

Physical description:

Sabin fits the description of a normal human being, except he has furry red legs and feline feet, and a long furry red tail to match. Oddly enough, the hair on his head is short and black. He is a little taller than the average human height.


Sabin has wandered for a large portion of his lifetime and doesn't belong to any particular group, corporation, or what have you. He makes a living off of adventuring, which doesn't bring tremendous profit but certainly provides an interesting lifestyle.

While he isn't a professional knight or paladin and isn't planning on becoming one, Sabin will find good people in need and help them however he can.

If Sabin has no people to help, then he just generally jumps from party to party.

About his equipment:

Sabin's laser gun used to be one of Sabin's most often-used eqipment. Apparantly too often-used, because eventually it broke and Sabin has yet to find someone who can fix it.

Sabin's guitar: Sabin can play his guitar pretty well, but his playing is unfortunately accompanied by his awful singing. He doesn't usually play his guitar except on special occasions with large groups of people.

Sabin's purple crystal can bestow Sabin with greater physical strength, but Sabin goes berserk in process. He doesn't use it if there are harmable allies nearby.

Sabin's bottle of endless ketchup is travel size and good for french fries.

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