Samuul Dunmager Gyordi

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Confuzzled One

Samuul is a mage, one who works with demonic magics and bends them to his will.

He's been through an orphanage and an insane asylum. Those haven't helped him out much.

He's 6'2, 180 lb, brown hair and grey eyes, and usually wears a jacket and pants. No matter the weather.

He has a companion, Danri Ome, a former angel.

However, Danri is busy fighting stuff on the astral plane, leaving Samuul to handle most other things himself.

He's usually happy-go-lucky except when old memories intrude on him, and will try and defend his friends to the death.

His history is long and convoluted, but he and Danri are going to stick together till they accomplish their mutual goals.

More later.

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