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  • Player: Scotty
  • Name: Scotty
  • Species or Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 230 lbs
  • Hair color: Red
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Occupation: Unassigned
  • Alignment: Board
  • Characteristic quote: *awkward silence*
  • Strengths/Weaknesses: Half-decent at just about everything, expert at nothing. Good at eavesdropping and spying due to nondescript appearance and equipment. Gets tired easily and cannot perform physical activity for extended periods of time
  • Special Powers and Skills: Blending in, willingness to alter reality more readily than most Boardies, very good at procedural writing
  • Weaponry: Nothing but a POST and enough creativity to make altering reality dangerous
  • Equipment: Headphones that allow him to listen to any nearby source, and can be tuned into long-range sources when needed. Various ports on the headphones allow him to plug into external speakers or to broadcast. Recessed microphone slides out to provide phone service. He also wears glasses that seamlessly interface with his POST to provide a heads-up display, including local time and temperaure, identification of hostile and friendly targets, maps, and caller ID.
  • Likes: Beer, rock music with bagpipes, flying
  • Dislikes: Static, running, attention

Scotty is, by all accounts, unremarkable. Aside from the headphones that seem to protrude directly from his skull and the beard that never grows beyond a certain length, he has no real defining characteristics. Tall and of average build, he can fit in with just about any crowd.

His unremarkable nature leads him to be a natural spy, a career path that benefits from his headphones' ability to pick up almost any source of sound, electronic or not. Despite his capacities for the job, he has yet to be assigned any type of recon role by the Board (perhaps because of his newbie status). He also has formal training as a technical writer, another field the Board has not capitalized on yet (should they ever need documentation written)

Despite an ability to fire weapons, Scotty normally eschews the use of firearms in preference of the offensive capabilities of his POST, which have been long overlooked as more and more Boardies adopt FLEET weaponry. Scotty finds the subtle alteration of reality much more to his liking, but is willing to arm himself with more powerful ordinance when necessary. Although this normally takes the form of conveniently finding a sword or harpoon in his back pocket (courtesy of Reality Control), but can also mean guns, big guns, or Big Guns (but not Really Big Guns).

Scotty can go from being a background observer to a frontline fighter, depending on what's required of him, or how he feels. Although non-confrontational by nature, he will not hesititate to join a fight. He just won't go out of his way to start one.

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