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the fighter pilot

Age: Early 20s Gender: Male Species: Human Height: 5' 11" Weight: 10st Build: Slim, light, wiry. Generally not a big imposing kind of guy Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Green General Appearance: Usually dressed in loose fitting black flightsuits or other military style combat dress. Prefers dark colours for stealth (which is something of an irnoy considering he glows faintly all the time). Keeps his hair short so it keeps out of the way and so he doesn't have to put too much effort in keeping it tidy.

Background (breif): Long time Boardie though prone to disappearing into the background which cause him to be not as well known as the likes of Loweko and Moltare.

Took part in the events depicted in The Magnificent Boardies which involved him doing battle in the pits of hell against the demon hordes along side all the other Boardies. Naturally whilst managing to avoid being killed and forced into Respwan he did come away with several wounds. Since then it seems he developed an almost permenant glowing aura, though if this is a result of a demon caused injury or being too close to one of CPOK's nukes is something noone is quite sure about.

The glow continues to be a rather large annoyance to Shadow who always used to pride himself on two things, one his skill as a pilot to fly damn near anything and get it through the worst situations in relatively good condition and outside the cockpit his stealth ablities. Naturally being a source of natural light makes sneaking through the dark somewhat hard and he has yet to find a way to switch it off.

That said he has over time learnt to manipulate the light for various uses, he makes a rather effective flash grenade and torch if he concentrates and if focused enough he can project and alomst "solid" beam of light to push things or strike targets from a distance.

Skills: As previously mentioned he is an excellent pilot of anything that is capable of defying gravity long enough to be considered flying and still reamins a good stealther due to being light footed and silent. Combat wise he is profcient in close quarters brawling and melee but is unfortunatly a rather poor shot when it come to long range battles. Is also a pretty decent mechanic when he tries.

Flaws: Shadow's major flaw seems to be that he takes an unusually long time to Respawn should he ever get killed, taking at least 24 hours longer then most to become functional again, garunteeing that he'll only show up in a fight once unless it's a really long running battle.

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