Silver Adept

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  • Player: Silver Adept
  • Name: Silver Adept
  • Species or Race: Half-elf
  • Height: 2m (6'6")
  • Weight: Somewhere around 200 lbs.
  • Hair color: Straight, blonde
  • Eye color: Dark Blue
  • Typical Clothing: Silver formal robes/kimono in magic settings and most daily; life, however, has been known to scratch that for a more hakama and buccaneer shirt outfit when quick movement is really needed.
  • Appearance: Ranging from pale to slightly tanned
  • Occupation: a technomagus and M-Division founder
  • Characteristic quote: "I got 99 problems but a witch ain't one. Hit it!"
  • Weaknesses: His energy may seem limitless, but he doesn't have the strength to absorb major, concerted attacks of any sort against him. He's not particularly immune to any form of assault, and if forced to fight off large opponents or large amounts of opponents, can be tired out to the point of very strong vulnerabilities. Without magic or gadgetry, abilities are reduced to that of a fairly normal person.
  • Special Powers and Skills: A limited Scientific Proficiency allows him to operate the guns without fear of backfiring on him, but his main methods of attack and defense are magically-related. Has a predisposition towards the element fire but is not necessarily limited to that element. When caught in non-magical environments, is fairly adaptable. Silver is an experienced mobile suit pilot and is able to utilize scientific devices to something very close to full potential, although there is usually a learning curve involved. In scientific universes, if possible, displays abilities akin to technomaguses or Force-enabled beings.
  • Weaponry: 1 Staff, apparently wooden, made extremely hard, fit with crystals at head of staff, used for POST operations and magic storage/focus. Also in Big Science settings 1 Magnum with bullets (similar to Trigun) and one Caster with shells (Outlaw Star style)


Silver is a generally cheery, if explosion-prone, person when not engaging in experimentation in the laboratories, where his work ethic and genuine cursing abilities often take over. He is protective of his skills and inventions when they are in testing phases, but very proud of them when they are put to use. Occasionally, if set off properly, Silver becomes very moody and tends to lash out at people whom he sees as getting in the way of his revenge.


A strong player in the pre-Funky Horror era, which was a bit more magically operated, Silver was involved in the Adversary conflict, and as a result of exchanges not fully clear (the information was either sealed under highest classification or destroyed when the base was overrun), harbors a very large desire for revenge against the demonic hordes and their leader. Such a desire occasionally becomes an obsession, especially when opportunities for confrontation are available. Saner heads occasionally prevail, but not before Silver takes out his rage on several of the demon's underlings. With the construction of Nemo underwater facility, the Magitech Division (M-Division or M-Div for short) - initially constructed on the Funky Horror as a research facility looking for ways to combine magic and science - has moved a large part of their laboratories to the undersea base, where they continue to conduct research.

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