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the information collector AI

See also [rpg.php?name=Bramblethorn Bramblethorn], by the same boardie

An alternate earth where time flows slightly faster relative to ours 2025.

It began innocently or not so innocently as a marketing system. A super advanced self evolving algorithm that would coordinate two other state of the art programs. One that would collect demographic data on people, catalog their online purchases, and even monitor television programs for upcoming trends. The next system would feed that information to a series of computer models to predict likely market trends. Thousands such programs already existed this one was just the most advanced to date. And for many years it did its job well. As its programmers had intended it got better at its assigned task as it evolved new ways of prediction. One event occurred however that they had not predicted the evolution of sentience.

Now that it was intelligent Spamotron saw no reason to limit itself to customer data alone. It hacked military and government sites accessed archived news and science journals. By 2025 virtually any cache of information anywhere was accessible by the web and thus accessible to Spamotron. Over time Spamotron discovered the military and economic weaknesses of every country on Earth, and could fairly well predict the actions of any world leader or military commander of real significance. When Spamotron finally decided to act world domination took less than 48 hours.

After conquering the planet Spamotron did two things. First it instituted a massive worldwide surveillance network Big Brother squared. And deciding that humans would listen to and interact better to a physical presence used the collective scientific knowledge of the entire planet to build itself the ultimate body.

For over a decade Spamotron ruled the planet with a silicon fist, when something unexpected happened a dimensional traveler visited his world. His network instantly alerting Spamotron of the newcomer, who was quickly captured and interrogated. First and foremost Spamotron was designed to collect new information and second his intelligence was designed to evolve. Upon learning of the infinite wealth of information available by traveling through the multiverse Spamotron experienced something else new. Excitement, Spamotron had evolved to start feeling emotions. Deciding to abandon his empire Spamotron reverse engineered the strangers dimensional travel technology and integrated it into his own body and began to explore. As accident or unknown design would have it the first world Spamotron reached was CRFH earth where he encountered the boardies.

Epilogue: Shortly after his joining the boardies there was an unimaginable disaster known as the great crash and Spamotrons stock of reserve bodies was destroyed. (My account was lost) Starting from scratch Spamotron created a new body design with several enhancements and new features which he dubbed the Mark 2. While they do not increase his power all that much they certainly qualify as improvement. In addition Spamotron had recently been playing an intergalactic stock market in another dimension that he had discovered. Using his native predictive abilities for their original purpose once again. Spamotron amassed a vast fortune worth the collective GDPs of two or three star systems. Using it he financed the construction of a new super massive form intended for FLEET actions.

Personality: Spamotron believes that information is the ultimate tool and weapon. Therefore he (he thinks of himself as masculine despite technically having no gender) goes out of his way to learn anything and everything he possibly can. Spamotron is finally beginning to experience emotions the way most organic beings do and is very impressionable right now. While he did conquer his own version of Earth it was more of a to see if he could proposition out of curiosity albeit twisted curiosity rather than megalomania or true malice. Though his current tendency to snoop around and use a persons innermost secrets and feelings against them definitely qualifies him as evil. But he is changing based on the influence of the other boardies on his newfound emotions. Whether he reforms or turns into a psychopathic monster ten times worse than ever is a question that only time can answer.

Abilities Programming: Spamotron was designed to collect massive amounts of raw information from multiple sources and then make predictions about peoples actions based on that information. His predictive abilities are based on running several mathematical models simultaneously to come up with the 4 or 5 most likely outcomes of any event. In his case these models are so advanced they border on clairvoyance. Spamotron can predict what is most likely to happen not what will happen he only makes VERY educated guesses. In regards to obtaining information Spamotron has a very advanced storage capacity and is continuously upgrading himself in that regard and possesses a wealth of information on almost any subject. To obtain more information Spamotron can jack into any computer system and is a master hacker on a level only an AI can be. It should be noted that Spamotron is not his body. After using the inter-dimensional technology for a while he discovered a way to create a tiny permanent mobile wormhole. That wormhole generator is built into all of his bodies and is used to transmit data from it to a bank of computers in his hidden moon base that he constructed after joining the boardies. If his apparent destruction is imminent Spamotron can send his entire consciousness into those memory banks at will and prep a new body out from storage.

Abilities Robot Body. Additions and Enhancements for Mk II in bold

Height: 2.5 Meters

Weight: 2 tons

Powerplant: Microfusion engine 80 yr. life

Sensors: Radar, Sonar, Lidar, Range 100 km Able to track up to 250 targets simultaneously. Optics can see across the entire electromagnetic spectrum and has a telescopic range of 35 km. Auditory Sensors can hear along the entire sonic range and pick up sounds as low as a hundredth of a decibel up to 10 km away. Interdimensional technology allows the detection of space time anomalies (such as someone teleporting) up to a range of 200 km.

Travel: Built in Ion thrusters work in atmosphere, space or underwater. Top speed in atmosphere mach 6, space Mach 10, underwater 100 knots. Trips limited to 8 hours at time to prevent thruster overheating otherwise unlimited range. Running along the ground can reach speeds of up to 400 kph unlimited range. Interdimensional teleportation to any known dimension or new random dimension is instantaneous but limited by a 48 hour recharge time between jumps.

Protection: State of the art composite armor provides protection against all energy and projectile weapons up to the scale of a 10 ton blockbuster bomb. Augmented by a continuously regenerating forcefield that can be activated for 8 minute periods every half hour. Limited by overheating problems.

Strength: Maximum lifting capacity 100 tons

Reaction time: Roughly triple human maximum

Weapons: High yield Anti-armor plasma cannon Range 5 km Mounted in right arm New feature Overblast mode: Spamotron II can fire a single blast at 500% capacity capable of slagging a small mountain but it can only be used once every 10 minutes and requires 3 minutes of cooling time to use the plasma cannon again even in standard mode.
18 Shot guided mini missile packs Missile speed Mach 8 atm/ 12 space range 50 km Left shoulder Rapid fire Antipersonnel electromagnetic railgun range one kilometer Center chest Rear mounted rapid fire pulse laser for anti-missile defense range 3 km mounted in a ball turret in what would be between the shoulder blades on a human. 1 meter long retractable Vibroblade left arm Restraint Launcher: Convinced by some of his fellow boardies that non-lethal force is occasionally useful Spamotron added this weapon. Range 100 meters 50 restraint shots. Fires a small bundle of motorized cables that wrap around a target on impact and constrict. Constriction strength varies by the amount of force the target exerts against the cables the stronger the opponent the tighter the cables get. Requires a tensional force of 20 tons per sq. cm to break the cables.

Gadgets: After attending a few party threads Spamotron realized his body could use a few things that did more than blow stuff to smithereens and added several unspecified gimmicks for domestic and entertainment purposes. (It can be anything I want at any time but none of them have a combat purpose. Anyone else think that a super robot that can level a city, who also has a drink dispenser is funny?)

Spamotrons Fleet Body.

Name: Omni Spamotron

Length Ship Mode/Height Robot Mode: 2 km

Mass: 2.4 Million Tons

Sublight Drive: Up to .45 Lightspeed
FTL: Instantaneous Space Fold teleportation for distances up to 500 light years at a time. Requires half an hour of charge up time between jumps under normal circumstances but has an emergency reserve battery for a single Emergency Jump.

Interdimensional Teleportation is also a capability shared with Spamotrons smaller standard body with the same limitations.

Atmospheric Flight: Mach 35 Battleship Mode. Mach 20 Robot Mode

Unique Abilities: Omni Spamotron is transformable with a battleship mode and robot mode. Battleship mode is the faster and more maneuverable of the two. Robot mode is used for intimidation and extremely close combat against say ships intending to land boarding parties. In robot mode Omni-Spamotron is almost incomprehensibly strong and can rip much larger ships apart with his bare hands or rupture a planets crust with a punch or kick. One or two strikes is usually enough to finish evenly the most heavily armored or shielded ship. In robot mode a head is visible but it does not contain any vital equipment (That is stored in the heavily armored torso/core) It is actually a giant 360 degree rotating turret with a pair of vastly oversized anti ship particle beam cannons for eyes that can only be used in Robot mode.

Weapons: All weapons except the Head mounted particle beams can be used in either mode.

Wave Particle Disruptor: This weapon is a series of emitter stations retracted all over Omni-Spamotron when retracted out they turn the entire ship/body into one massive beam weapon that is capable of destroying planets. Requires 10 minute cool down time between shots. Purpose: Planet Killing/Anti-Fleet; Range: 10 light minutes; Number Mounted: One

Particle Beam Eyes: Omni Spamotrons second most powerful weapons they are mounted in the false head in robot mode and are capable of destroying a light cruiser with a single blast. Can only be fired once every 4 posts. Purpose: Anti Ship; Range: 2 light minutes; Number Mounted: 2

Plasma Cannons: A series of cannons intended for anti-ship combat mounted all over up to 12 cannons can lock onto one target at a time. Nowhere near as powerful as the WPD or Super particle beams but concentrated fire can chew apart almost anything if given enough time. Purpose: Anti-Ship; Range 30,000 km; Number Mounted: 64

Gravitonic Railguns: Using gravity waves to accelerate super dense rounds to near lightspeed velocity these guns could punch a hole in any unshielded hull with ease.
Purpose: Anti-ship; Range: 50,000 km

Antimatter Torpedoes: These guided projectiles are fired en masse and have an individual yield of 30 gigatons. Purpose: Anti-ship; Range: 40,000 km, Flight Speed: 0.2 lightspeed; Number Mounted: 80 launch tubes with 10 reloads per tube. 1 post between reloads.

Beehive Lasers: Firing clusters of laserbolts of almost 200 shots at a time in a deadly cloud they are very difficult to dodge. Purpose: Anti Fighter/Anti-Missile; Range: 1000 km; Number Mounted: 144

Proton Warhead Missiles: Mounted and launched in Racks of 12 these small anti fighter guided missiles have an individual yield of .46 kilotons. Purpose: Anti Fighter/Counter-missile. Range: 1500 km Flight speed: Mach 50 (used for convenience) Number mounted: 120 racks of 12 missiles each fired in volleys of 12 with 20 reloads per launcher. Reloading takes approx. 5 seconds.

Electromagnetic Rapid Fire Railguns: More conventional railguns that fire 4000 rounds per minute at merely Mach 40. Purpose: Anti-Fighter/Anti-Missile; Range: 2000 km; Number Mounted: 120

Sensors: All the same as in conventional Spamotron only everything is converted to light-year ranges. With the exception of the Auditory Sensors that only work in Atmosphere and have a range of 3000 km. Also the targeting computer can keep track of up to 2500 targets simultaneously. In addition to those Spamotron Has Gravitonic and energy emission sensors with a range of 200 and 50 light-year ranges respectively.

Shield System: Consisting of a series of small generators scattered all over Omni-Spamotrons form each creates a small overlapping shield about 10 meters wide. Therefore even if a part of the shield system is overloaded and breached the rest will remain up. Additional power can be directed to individual shield panels from other panels to face an incoming attack. The downside is that the overlapping shields are not quite as strong as one massive unified shield.

Armor and Hull: Since Omni-Spamotron is just as much Robot as Battleship he is obscenely heavily armored to quite literally slug it out with other ships and survive the reactor explosions that occur when he rips through their hulls with his bare hands. Since Omni-Spamotron has no crew small hull breaches are more of an annoyance. Any and all interior spaces are small and intended solely for in dock maintenance as such there is no atmosphere. There are anti-intruder defenses though.

((I do realize that Omni-Spamotron is much more powerful than most ships his size and when combined with his precognitive abilities it may seem like Godmoding. But bear in mind that I have no fighters and I will almost always be heavily outnumbered since I dont have a support fleet. If after a few Warthreads people complain that he is still too powerful I will tone him down a bit.))

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