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the walking capacitor

Starlock is neither a product of Big Science or Magic, but -- in an extreme interpretation -- might be considered as an amalgam of both.

What he is is the result of an other-dimesional entity's -- veritably a god in it's own universe -- "liason" with a human female (Don't ask for details, we don't know any).

Real name: Classified.
Height: 6'0" (183cm)
Weight:190lbs. (87kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: An intresting item here. Starlock's eyes would be normal blue-grey if he could concentrate enough without getting intense headaches. Even so, he is able to maitain that appearance for a limited time. His eyes' "natural" state are pits of, what could best be described as, boiling blue plasma. Hence, his penchant for sunglasses (He doesn't like to unnerve people unnecessarily).

Starlock's strength and agility are normal human, for his size and weight, and he keeps himself reasonbly fit -- despite a weakness for tobacco and whiskey. He has been known to temporarily augment his strength by energizing his muscles, though this will usually result in severe muscle fatigue afterwards.

Weapons: While proficient in the use of many blades and firearms, he will rarely use them (he rarely needs to). He has been known to carry a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol upon his person (A little ridiculous considering the nature of his operations).
He has also used -- frivolously, and against orders -- a custard grenade/cookie (700 Oreo's per minute) launcher of his own design.

Skills: A skilled pilot, an exceptional field commander (though his temperment precludes his leading a team fulltime), and an excellant detective (when he has the patience for it).

Powers and Abilities: Here is where the meat of the study lies. Mind you, the subject was unruly at best and downright offensive during most of the examinations. With the help of observations taken during active missions, we have been able to ascertain most of what Starlock can do, if not how.

Starlock is a walking capacitor. He soaks up energy like a sponge. Sunlight, starlight, any light -- any electromagnetic radiation, even some Magic will fuel him. He doesn't need to eat, but he does. He does need sleep, however. for his body is still mostly human. He can store up an incredibly large reserve, but does have a limit. He must be careful to use more energy than he stores on a daily basis. He has been known to "erupt", when overcharged, with disasterous results. Starlock has, however, amazing control over his powers. Said powers include teleportation -- via interdimensional portals. He cannot 'port site to site, but can make a "quickjump" through an intemediary dimension. He also uses small pocket dimension for storage -- like his endless supply of sunglasses, for example. Flight: By manipulating magnetic fields and energy discharges Starlock can fly at speeds up to 90mph, in atmosphere -- much faster in vacuum.
Hardlight manifestation: One of the most unique aspects of Starlock's power is the creation and manipulation of "Hardlight". It's exactly what it sounds like, hard light. Hardlight creations are limited only by Starlock's imagination and he has complete control over them. Most times, once the object is created no more concentration or aditional enrgy is required to maintain it, except for control purposes. However that cannot be said for the more complex constructs. He has also been able to create energy constructs That can be "programmed" to perform specific tasks, though limited in scope.
Starlock can manipulate, amplify or channel energy in a variety of ways -- the limit to which we have not seen yet. He can cast energy in a number of ways including, but not limited to lasers, phasers, disruptors and the infamous Starbolt -- which, as close as we can figure is a tighly focused supernova, though apparently it's intensity can be varied. He can see, read and alter all radiation -- including radio, microwave and light-based transmissions-- ley lines and other magnetic fields, electron flows and some magical enegies. His focus is such, that he can "tune in" on a particular wavelength or frequency at will. Starlock is admittedly trained in some form of Magic, little though it may be, and has expressed a puzzling dislike for Magicks in general. Starlock's endurance is nothing short of godlike. He can withstand extreme pressures an even the vacuum of open space -- with or without his personal lightfield. It has been suggested that Starlock does not need to breath air, however his body, specifically his chest, does seem to go through the motions and he does have lungs. All attempts to gain data on this topic have been met with severe resistance by the subject (Interns and Doctors alike will not push the matter). Without his personal lightfield, Starlock is vulnerable to physical damage and non-magical fire. He will sustains burns if hit by concentrated energy, but energy weapons as a whole will not harm him -- and he does heal very quickly, though not regeneratively.

We suspect that Starlock has yet to realize his full potential regarding his powers. This department, however, is not anxious to rush things along. Drs. Scoville and Hallowell have however expressed their regrets about not being able to continue their study on Starlock's daughter. This director is somewhat relieved that the child is no longer our concern.

As an operative, Starlock's success rate has been more than phenomenal. Unorthadox, and a loner, he has been lucky enough to have superiors that let him "do the damn job!", as he puts it. Starlock has more internal disciplinary actions against him than any other operative at this time.

Excerpt from the Director's summation of the Starlock Study.
P. Kenneth Bohl, Director, Department of Posthuman Studies, Time Variance Authority/Paratime Police force

Director's note: At the time of this writing, Starlock is on extended leave from active duty. His contract has expired, and to my knowledge a new one has not been drawn up. I personally believe that he will not be returning to the TVA/PPF anytime soon...if ever. P.K.B.

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