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the werecat and chief engineer

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Good tendancies)

Talix is one of the originators of the BoardieBorg. He is almost entirely technological in nature, although as it has been said any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic. Icon_wink.gif The only purely magical thing he does is shapeshift, and then only into the form of a well-fed, pampered housecat. He generally retains most mental abilities in this form, but not physical abilities.

Talix is FLEET's chief engineer, and tends to be very territorial about his position as such. Fortunately, he's practically a miracle worker in his field, so no one really minds the occasional attitude.

Physical abilities: In BoardieBorg form, Talix superficially resembles the Borg from Star Trek. He has the highly adaptable shield (and having been around a while, it has already adapted to the vast majority of attacks people can think of), which also includes a shock varient to discourage purely physical attacks. He also has the standard BoardieBorg built-in tool complement. He generally is in command of a large number of BoardieBorg minions, and as such doesn't do much fighting himself (although he can be fearsome in a protector role). His only personal weapon is a small, but powerful, built-in laser. His targeting implants mean he will never miss what he's aiming for unless there are extenuating circumstances (think Dave's laser vision, and not that stupid time when Pinkerton dodged them - they're lasers, you can't dodge unless you're moving faster than light Icon_razz.gif).

Mental abilities: As previously stated, no pure magic besides his alternate form. However, he does have a mental link-up to the main BoardieBorg contingent in the Funky Horror, and as such can create a great many effects just by thinking an order to the minions who are always standing by. A small sample of these "abilities" include teleportation, levitation, some transmutation, small to medium conjuration, and some abjuration (shielding). If he's really really pissed off, a retributive strike from orbit isn't completely out of the question. He retains this link-up in feline form. He also has limited telepathy, which is really an extremely focused beam of sound along with a universal translator. It ends up being functionally identical, although he can only use it on someone he can see.

Weaknesses: Talix tends to be aloof of the nitty-gritty, and doesn't like to get his hands dirty with direct combat. Generally if involved in a war he will oversee, usually from a high vantage point. If someone ever found a way to cut him off from his mental link-up to the rest of the BoardieBorg, he would lose the vast majority of his mental abilities (see above), but the technology involved is so complex that no one has yet managed to do it. He is physically stronger than a human in BoardieBorg form (as a cat he's, well, a cat), but although the BoardieBorg communal mind gives him great force of will, he is otherwise relatively defenseless to intangible magic. Anything magic that involves physics, though, he will probably be able to find a way around.

Other advantages: The BoardieBorg network. Not only is he given respect and general obediance as one of the founders, but he also has the ability to transmit emotions and thoughts along the link to other BoardieBorg, as well as mental pain if discipline is ever needed (very rarely).

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