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the insectoid alien

/piclets/alient.png Tasslac is a 3 meters tall insectoid, and it looks like my avatar. It's your archetypical alien, exoskeleton, sharp claws and teeth, and frighteningly intelligent, it speaks with a lisp. It's very fast, strong and agile, and its two lower arms end in human looking hands, witch can wield ordinary weapons should it be needed. its preferred tactics are ambushing and stealth. only using brute force when it feels it is the only option. it smells musky, and its clawed feet make a distinct sound when they walk on metal and other hard surfaces. it is peaceful of nature, even if it doesnt look like it, but it doesnt talk much in human, preferring the chittering insectoid language. it also has limited telepathy, and can impart feelings on others (serenity, if it doesnt want to fight. though the recipient wont become serene, heshe will feel the emotion) to communicate.

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