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• Player: Roadkiller

• Name: Tennyson (Ten)

• Species or Race: Cyborg. Very little human left.

• Gender: Male. Physically, even.

• Age: 23

• Height: 6’1”

• Weight: Varies from 110 to 220 lbs, though he usually keeps himself at 160lbs.

• Hair color: Light brown

• Eye color: Blue-green

• Occupation: Engineer and construction worker. Dabbles in cybernetics and medical procedures.

• Alignment: He's a good person, but will do what he needs to survive.

• Characteristic quote: “Oh to be human... You have no idea how lucky you are.”

• Strengths/Weaknesses: Ten's body is nearly entirely mechanical, and what is biological isn't actually necessary for survival. His artifical tissues afford him the strength of a small suit of powered armor as well as the resilience of a non-combat issue powered armor. Ten has a skin of living tissue that makes him appear entirely human, despite the lack of much humanity left.

Ten is uncomfortable with the fact that he is not completely human, especially around those that are. As such, his body was designed to retain most of it's human senses; he still feels pain, hot and cold, despite the little damage that they can actually do to him. His eyes, though artificial, only recieve the standard light spectrum and harmful quantities of other electromagnetic radiation. If he uses his Stepporter excessively, he can run out of energy.

• Special Powers and Skills: Built into Ten's body is a Stepporter. It can displace his body exactly 24.259213 feet, no more and no less, in any direction. It takes three seconds to recharge. His body also has a small nanite factory which can quickly repair minor damage and fix most major damage given sufficient time. Any attempt to change the distance apparently results in cross-dimensional travel. Finally, Ten has an internal system of weights that can be added or removed, the bare frame weighing only 110lbs and maxing out at double that.

• Weaponry: Ten uses whatever weapon he deems appropriate to bring, but he dislikes weapons in general. His only special weapon is the multitool he always carries. This multitool is, of course, befitting of a futuristic cyborg who does jobs that no one else wants it and is the size of a thermos. It includes a 500 kilowatt microwave laser (pulsed when above 2 kW) and a bolt driver powerful enough to assist even Ten's strength.

• Equipment: Ten's only equipment, aside from his own body, is his multitool. Aside from the improvised weaponry, it includes a number of useful devices, such as a small supply of 3/32 inch industrial cable (guaranteed to hold up to 2 tons), a powerful electromagnet, three detachable ferrous magnets, a small supply of nanites for body repair and other devices.

• Likes: Techno, Ballroom dancing, biology, engineering, formal tea ceremonies, cloud-watching, star-watching, people who stutter

• Dislikes: Radiation, having to become less human, being found to be a cyborg

Ten comes from a universe where science advanced much more quickly (and in different directions), while socially there was a much... different development. Cybernetics became standard medical treatment long in the past. Within the past few hundred years, a biomedical treatment began advancing as well, a class system emerged. The fewer mechanical parts in a person, the greater their social esteem.

Enter Ten. Born with a muscular defect to poor, if mostly human, parents, 65% of his muscle tissue was replaced with artificial muscle and his bones were reinforced to withstand the strain. His parents, horrified at the thought of such an inhuman child, sold him to a cyborg sweat shop. The sweat shop owners raised him (and replaced his cybernetics as he grew) to become one of a multitude of cyborg workers who did jobs equivalent to that of modern remotely controlled robots.

When Ten began working, his biological parts quickly began to degenerate and were replaced over time with more and more cybernetics. He did insist, however, on retaining a human appearance and reactions. Thus, he was grafted with his own living skin, cultured inside his body, the artificial muscles are made of fibers that contract and relax in the same manner as muscle, giving the same appearance, and only three markings of his inhumanity are visible on the surface. The final procedure, the gradual replacement of his flesh brain with a computer replicate, left only his skin and reproductive organs human.

Shortly after this final procedure, Ten managed to buy off his employers, getting into the normal world. Unfortunately, he also found himself as the lowest of the low in the normal world. He had expected it, but not so much as he received. Once they discovered how little human was left to him, he found that only others who had escaped similar situations would even speak to him. He lived as an outcast, even among other outcasts.

Finally, for certain reasons (fleeing from arrest for a self defense killing), Ten was forced to make a jump with his Stepporter of a much longer distance. Rather than killing the subject and dispersing them as elementary particles throughout the universe, as previously thought, it merely displaces you dimensionally. As in, he found himself rather awkwardly running through a door into Moxz0rz's.

Physically, Tennyson appears to be a fit and somewhat attractive young man. His hair is always done in what appears to be a complex pattern of cornrows that never seem to come undone, despite any amount of abuse Ten takes. His right arm has a barcode tattoo with the numbers 110000003 under it. This and the two ports on his back, one for battery recharging and one for changing of weights, are the only normal visible hints that he is not human.

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