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The Displaced Pryean Pilot/Entrepreneur

(For All Warthreads, PFFs ect)

Name: Thalass T'Kynn

Alignment: Borderline Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good

Race: Pryean (Pry-ee-ahn - Of, or originating from, the former Australian colony planet Pyrea (pry-ee-ah).) An mix of many earth races, mostly caucasian, aboriginal and asian - plus a few geneered oddities.

Colour: Suntanned brown skin.

Eyes: Blue in colour, with little-used silver third eyelids.

Hair: Straight, dark brown. Usually cut short

Height: 183cm

Weight: 75Kg

Clothing: Depends on what he's doing. Business suits, overalls, flight jumpsuits, chainmail, etc. Whatever he needs to wear to do what he's doing. Having spent many years offworld he has a habit of wearing a light pressuresuit under his clothing, just in case. He tends to favour his overalls or flight suit if he can get away with it.

Weapons: In recent years he has stopped carrying weapons. There aren't any in his quarters, mostly due to his kid being around. He still owns his old handblaster, along with a collection of other projectile weapons and of course his old roman short sword and long dagger. The quarterstaff is long gone. When he does go armed, his blaster hangs low off his belt on the right hip, his sword on the left hip, and the dagger low on his back.

Skills: He can run fairly fast though, and is agile-ish (needs to work on his fitness) Thalass is an old pilot, and engineer. He's gotten a bit rusty in a fighter, but experience has taught him to command larger ships so he's not too fussed about that. He can defend himself admirably, and while domestication has possibly weakened him, he's still a formidable opponent and a good shot. His flight suit provides some protection from various forms of small-arms fire, and some temperature regulation along with protection from vacuum.

He speaks only his native Pryean, which is English plus colloquialisms. He knows a few words here and there of other languages, Fairy especially, he usually relies on translator programs and protocol droids to interpret for him. His skills with magic were never that great to start with, and while he can do some small magic, he mostly leaves that up to the missus and other "cheaters" like Stardrake.

He is a bit of a tinkerer, and is quite handy with machinery if he has the right tools.

Personality: While he's a pretty friendly bloke, he isn't above sticking the knee in if he needs to. He won't start a fight he can't win, and will run to live another day if he must. However he'll defend his friends and family with the same ruthlessness learned from his piracy days. To him his Clan is everything, second only to his family. (Admittedly he hasn't seen anyone from his pirate clan in years) He fights dirty if he needs to. Fancies himself a bit of a McGuyver with the tools, and thinks fairies are hot. Loves to keep his brain working on some project or other.

History: Thalass hails from a parallel universe - not uncommon on the boards. His home planet recently came out of centuries of 'dark ages' after overthrowing an oppressive regime, and then not long after fought a war for their very survival against a fleet of insane robotic killing machines. Thalass wasn't involved in this, though, he's one of the baby boomers that came after the wars were won.

Once he was old enough he joined the navy, learned to fly fighters, and then was volunteered to explore a newly found alien jumpgate system. He got lost, of course, and was taken in by pirates in his hour of desperation. With them he built wealth, both legitimate and of dubious legality, and managed to get himself into an FTL test programme which, of course, failed to get him home - instead somehow depositing him in a decaying orbit around the boardiverse earth.

His background suited him well to FLEET, and he joined up soon after arriving, rising to be the head of Special Effects Division, commanding a small fleet of corvettes and gunships, centred around a Fanworks class battleship (all modified for electronic warfare, of course).

Soon after arriving comicside, he met and fell in love with a fellow boardie, and are now married (nearly three years!) with a child. This leaves him with much less time for warthreading and the like, but he's making a point to put some effort in.

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