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the pink haired vampire

Name: Well, call him Thaqui, just to make it easier.
Alignment: Self-serving evil
Appearance: Human, average height, average weight, average build... though in desperate need of a tan. Take a guess Icon_wink.gif

Background: A millenia-old vampire, was more concerned with his survival than creating destruction. Realised that in the future, as the legends of vampires died out, he would free to do as he wished when those he opposed knew little of how to stop him. Thus, he lay dormant most of his (un)life.

Strengths: Strong, fast, cunning and able to regenerate from any wound but sunlight, decapitation and those caused by wood, silver or a holy symbol. Can fly, change form and turn humans into vampires.
Does not need to breathe, sleep, age or care about dental work. Holds mental power over humans, including the ability to thrall one at a time (into a spider-eating man-b****, if you don't mind the quote), suggestion and memory loss. Always comes back - after being destroyed and dusted, Thaqui becomes a thick mist, and retreats to regenerate a new body (complete with evening dress). This suppresses all previous desire to kill, until he runs across them again. He generally waits for the sequel, or if sorely pressed, the spoof. Anonymous - everyone who comes across him goes away believing he is average height, average weight, average built, average features with brown hair and brown eyes. Despite his pink hair and blue eyes.

Weaknesses: The standard - sunlight, holy objects will burn him. He may not enter area surrounded by garlic and hates mirrors. Majorly obsessive compulsive - Thaqui will pursue his current prey until dusted. If small objects such as grain are scattered in front of him, he must stop to count each one. Unless the grain is scattered in a difficult manner (across his grave as he rises, for one), he doesn't take long to count them all. If he hears of it, he must immediately drop everything to kill those who have not properly buried their dead. Living in the past - he would like to think of himself as a forward thinking vampire... but he's not. Working with laser rifles and the such are likely to get his hand blown off (though it's not that big of a deal)

Associations: None. Stays in a coffin most of the time.

He also likes fly-fishing.

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