The Dagda

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The Third King of the Tuatha De Danann

Name: The Dagda. Also known as Eochaid Ollathair and as the Ruadh Roffhessa (Trans: Mighty Red One of Great Knowledge.)

Stats: 6'5" tall, and weighing in at nearly 215 pound, short brown hair, and typically wears a long chainmail coat, red baggy pants tucked into heavy leather boots, and a brown cape clasped at his right shouler with a golden Celtic brooch. Alternately wear's the uniforms of a Grand Admiral of the Interstellar Alliance Fleet (White version of the Babylon 5 uniform after the breakaway from Earth) or the uniform of a Fleet Admiral of the Terran Colonial Army (All red uniform with gold piping along the trousers, five stars on the collar, and the symbol of the Terran Colonial Navy on the left breast which is a lion rampant over a shadow of the Earth and crossed swords.)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Weapons and Items: An Fragarach- the Answerer that leaves no trace of its passage, it also has the ability to formshift into any weapon or weapons platform to the size limit of 100 tons. The Club- double ended weapon that by dragging around in the old days created the rivers and lakes of Ireland. Now shrunk into a more managable size instantly kills with the red colored end while the blue can raise the dead back to life and heal any wound or sickness. The Uiathne- His magical harp (usually strung across his back) that can control the seasons and plays the three Songs of Sorrow, Joy, and Dreaming. The Undry- His cauldron from which no one goes hungry, usually encountered in party threads.

Description: The Dagda is the king of the Tuatha De Danann, and as such is no slouch in battle. While capable of using almost every type of magic, he also has an appreciation for Big Science's powerful weapons and will often be seen using An Fragarach as some sort of futuristic energy or projectile weapon- or even as a Mad Cat MK. II(a ninety ton Timberwolf for those more familiar with Mechwarrior 2). He is very honorable, and will always help those in need if asked, or involve himself in a matter if he thinks it the best course for the people he's put in charge of. He believes that it is his duty to serve mankind and to teach as he is a God of learning and healing as well as war- a sort of male Athena if you will.

He has recently aided in the Funky Horror's refit, and has put in place one of the most heavy planetary defense nets known in the universe's around the Earth to protect it. He has an implacable hatred of the Borg and Fascism- especially Nazi's- and tolerates the BoardieBorg only because they are on his side and because their leaders show individualism. He is a great believer in order, even though he can understand breaking the rules at times and has done so himself whenever he feels it is warranted. In other words he believes in government and law while at the same time recognizing that sometimes you have to go outside of it to do what's right. He is also a traditionalist when it comes to music and a lover of movies and other forms of entertainment such as video games.

He has several children, who takes over the Tor when their father is out and about. He considers himself a friend of all on the Board, especially Teresias, Boo, Laundreu, Loweko, and all the other big warthreaders. He likes to make bad puns and has a REALLY sardonic sense of self deprecating humor. In his mind if he isn't cracking on you he doesn't like you (Trans: If he doesn't talk to you he doesn't think you worthy of attention, but if he's ribbing you he thinks you're alright.)For some odd reason though people tend to take him as being serious and so get offended at times.

His friend Suvanna was once a human nun from an alternate dimention who became a chaotic evil goddess after being infused with all the power, but not soul, of the Dark God Eskalon- which drove her mad. Don't worry, she's redeemed herself since.*

Strengths: Well, he IS a God; so his physical strength is almost unmatched, and he has an intuitive grasp of all forms of martial arts. His honor also gives him a sort of implacable attitude- he will see his duty done, and damn all that stand in his way. His word is his bond, but if the other party breaks it the deals off, and to him the ends justify the means. He is completely ruthless in the application of his duties where the person of the enemy is concerned- and he will give no quarter to those he does not believe worthy of it.

He is a member of the Board's High Command, and is currently trying to form a seperate military arm known as the Board Auxiliary Forces, as he is not a member of FLEET and usually commands one or two Board allied forces during combat. By formalizing the system he hopes to be able to better coordinate the militaries of the UTC, Interstellar Alliance, and Manticoran Alliance in any future engagements.His "native" forces from the Otherworld of Irish myth are known as the "an Arm Eirinn" and is also comprised of 12 battlestars identical to the [i]Galactica[/i] but refitted with Minbari weaponry and, fighters, and jumpdrives.

Lately he has been making use of RESPAWN, because of the energy it takes to reform from death, and is also immune to Hind's Blood, that being the bane of Greek Gods, not Irish one's.

Weaknesses: His honorable attitude can sometimes be considered a weakness, as he won't let others suffer or die for him. He has a fondness for good food, wine, and women- in others words he's a regular friend of Bacchus. He can be extremely arrogant at times and quick to anger and hold grudges, but he is not manipulated easily even so. Tends to ignore his magic a bit, since he's capable of obliterating enemies with his mind and that just isn't really fair. The only thing powerful enough to permanently put him down is the Bhelliom, and that is being guarded by the Thousand Gods of Styricum so he isn't really worried about that.

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