The Entity

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sentient humanoid plasma-thing.

Appearance: Glowing white humanoid. Darker patches move like liquid across its body. Hair is long and white. Doesn't normally bother with clothes.


Personality: sardonic. Enjoys following ridiculously abstract trains of thought.

Affiliations: helps out in FLEET and Weird Science.

Abilities: some technical and computing abilities. Good with electronics (and capable of soldering circuits with its bare hands). Speaks several earth languages, although rarely has much to say. Can generate light, heat, and plasma bolts at will. Gets a headache from strong electric and magnetic fields, and reacts to EMPs the way a tub of nitroglycerine reacts to a flamethrower.

More information can be found at the OCD profile.


By Maritza (from Operation: Chutzpah)

By Entity: 1, 2, 3, Operation: Cumpleanos.

By Synfony: (to be added)

Noteable appearances

BCWYWF2: Day of Reckoning

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