The MadBomber

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Incredibly Awful Evil Overlord

Player: MadBomber80

Name: Unknown. Goes by MadBomber, or MB.
Species or Race: Human.
Gender: Male
Age: Late 20s, Early 30s
Height: 6' even.
Weight: 250 lbs
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: Possibly green, but with his glasses, no one can see clearly enough to tell for sure.
Occupation: Itenerant ne'er-do-well. Occasional purveyor of rare supplies. Full-time explosives creator and designer.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Ocasionally good or ba, depending on who's winning at the time. Pretty much alway looking out for himself.
Characteristic quote: Bwa-ha-hah-HAH!!!... ooops.
Strengths: Almost always has an escape plan. Intelligent enough to crib off of others' work in electronics, but not so good at building anything new on his own (apart from bombs).
Weaknesses: Unlucky. Cowardly. Will randomly try to betray his own side, if he thinks there's an advantage in it. But horribly bad at doing so. Violently (and I *MEAN* Violently) allergic to RESPAWN. Generally screams for about fifteen minutes afterwards, or intil gagged/knocked unconscious/killed again by those around him. Refuses to discuss why this is. Not so good at *disarming* a bomb.
Special Powers and Skills: Can build a bomb out of damn near anything.
Weaponry: Generally one or two plain 9mm automatic handguns. (Type doesn't matter.) Generally has a small grenade or other explosive device secreted about his personage. Often radical designs of his own making.
Equipment: BomberBots. Cheap, disposable robots, shaped like a cross between Tik-Tok of OZ and a rotund man in a brown suit. While differing models will have different bonus features, the general model (or 'Mark I's) have limited voice transmitting capability, and explode violently when required (or when someone looks at them wrong. Thery're not that well put together).
Likes: Things that go BOOM. Redheads. Ice Cream. Redheads. Oh, and readheads. ^_^
Dislikes: People who don't agree that Ice Cream is the most fantabulous dessert around.

Notes: President and Founder of the ICLF (Ice Cream Liberation Front.) When performing his Presidential duties, he will generally use an "Ice Cream Cannon" of some kind.

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