The Watcher

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DSM Corps Captain

The Watcher (aka TW, Watcher, "your vigilance")

Motto Quod nesciunt eos interficiet - "What they don't know will kill them". Sums up his entire philosophy of life: what the enemy doesn't know is their weakness, what he doesn't know is his weakness.

Appearance The Watcher is a 6 foot 1 inch, thin but strong, white humanoid with grey-flecked brown hair, usually brown eyes and a peculiar scar above his left eye. He habitually wears dark colours: from casual wear through to dress uniform, everything is black or some shade of grey except for the DSM Corps insignia. He tends to only wear uniform when needed, preferring casual clothing and, when in the field, he often wears a black cloak on top of armour designed to provide some degree of protection against hand-held projectile and plasma weapons. A side effect of some of his implants results in changes in eye colour depending on his blood chemistry so his eye colour can sometimes vary from almost black or grey to red or green depending on his mood, health and other factors.

Alignment Loosely aligned with FLEET, known to undertake FLEET operations.

Personality Often serious, tends to spend far more time listening than speaking and is sometimes seen as cold and distant. Those who get close find someone who has a sense of humour, values honesty, intelligence and will to learn in others very highly and is willing to die for his friends. He has a strong sense of honour and takes betrayal, deception or manipulation as a mortal insult and has been known to think up particularly nasty schemes in revenge. Has a strong distrust of magic although nobody has yet determined quite why. Effectively a Discordian, although in true Discordian fashion he doesn't take it seriously.

Abilities The Watcher's key abilities come from a number of awareness enhancement and data feed implants tied into his eyes, ears and the vision and sound centres of his brain. The visual enhancements provide a far greater field of view than normal human vision - up to 270 degrees in full detail - and may provide situation information, data displays and IFF information on an "eyes up display" as long as the Yotogi, Kikite or a monitoring drone is on station to provide the required data. The pit scar above his left eye contains a subdermal sensor capable of detecting EM emissions outside visible wavelengths - this allows The Watcher to see in the IR, UV and other wavelengths. However, the information from the sensor can only show the area in front of The Watcher and it uses a significant amount of power, restricting it to 2 or 3 minutes of activity after which it must shut off to recharge. The auditory implants allow The Watcher to hear sounds normally out of the range of the human ear (whether in terms of frequency or volume) and they will provide some protection against very loud noises. The implants also include a receiver and processing unit that allows the Yotogi or others with suitable equipment to talk to The Watcher without the need for an earpiece or sound-producing communication device. None of the implants are active normally and their functions are controlled via a device worn on his left forearm that doubles as a means of communicating with the Yotogi or other ships.

The Watcher has an affinity with computers and other information processing devices that will sometimes let him get at things he isn't really supposed to know about. This, combined with his habit of playing down or simply hiding some of his abilities and sources of information, means people will sometimes be surprised by just how much he knows about what is going on.

Equipment In addition to his implants, The Watcher generally uses a small range of weapons in the field: when appropriate he will bring along his sword, a two-handed Claymore called "Nightvein" because of its black and red hilt and forte. For more conventional combat he either carries twin plasma guns, a railgun or any slugthrower that comes to hand.

For movement between ships or space and planetary surfaces The Watcher uses his personal ship the Kikite: a mix of organic and conventional technology allows the ship to operate with almost complete autonomy, dropping off The Watcher and then retreating until needed. If fire support is needed The Watcher could call on the Kikite to assist, however this has not happened to date.

Once in space The Watcher has the Yotogi - equipped with advanced communications interception, data acquisition and processing systems it can keep him up to date with events over a huge area. Armed with twin 80m asteroid mass driver cannons and twin 20m asteroid cannons for orbital bombardment, over 200 plasma cannons of various sizes, 36 beam cannons ranging from 8m anti-capital ship cannons down, banks of missiles and torpedoes and over 150 fighters of various classes, The Yotogi can stand up well in a firefight. However, its lack of shielding and reliance on interceptor cannons to destroy, disperse or deflect incoming fire make it vulnerable. The Watcher tends to be very reluctant to use the full power of the ship, preferring to deal with situations without having to call in excessive firepower unless there is no alternative.

The Watcher is also rumoured to have a shipyard in which he is constructing ships, although the process must take a long time as very few sightings of other ships that can be linked to him have been reported to date.

Background Very few people know where The Watcher came from, what he wants or who he really is. At first there were sporadic reports of a new ship of unknown construction operating well beyond the commonly travelled areas of the galaxy. Slowly details began to emerge of a new force - partial images, descriptions, suggestions of technologies familiar to FLEET and some quite different from those encountered to date. When The Watcher finally made contact it was revealed that the ship was the Yotogi, one of a class of deep-space mapping and monitoring ships capable of exploring and surviving without external contact for years, constructed by a "Deep Space Monitoring Corps". However, the history, location or indeed most other details concerning this corps or the civilisation that it belongs to are still largely unknown.

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