The Wingnut

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a spirit, ex-pilot and ex-creeper

Name: A.J. Hunt, alias Stuart Dukane, alias The Wingnut

Born: 12-27-44 to parents Angela and Drew Hunt
Died: 12-27-83, at the hand of 'Taurus', true identity unknown

Age: Undeterminable. 39 at the time of death, he would be 58 if still alive today.

Hunt is a spirit, and as such has no actual defined appearance. When he chooses to manifest visually to living beings, he takes the form of himself at the age of 25. His attire has a broad range, suiting his whim and often seen as a '40s vintage high style or U.S. Army Air Forces uniform, but most often appears as it did when he died; A green flightsuit, a silk scarf, calf-height black shearling flight boots, the left boot's calf wrapped by a small bone-handled hunting knife in a sheath, a pistol belt holding two single-action revolvers, a Japanese naval officer's katana slung over his right shoulder, a brown leather flight jacket, and Ray-Ban aviators.

Hunt's height is 5'7" with his boots on, and he is lightly built. His hair appears light brown and combed straight back, very close cut on the sides with only a slight amount of length on the top. His eyes are a borderline blue and gray. He has no facial hair, save his eyebrows which are almost always animated to fit his mood. One arched, the other down, seems to be the position they prefer, but the theme varies infinitely.

Hunt's method of travel results in a shocking entrance when manifested on the physical plane. A black rift opens in space, accompained by a flash and a roar from air being displaced around it, and Skye, his familiar spirit, transports him out of the rift. Skye usually re-enters rifts once he has reached his destination, with the same effect.


Hunt has always been a wild card, usually tossing out law, order and alliances in favor of self-preservation without regard to whose 'side' he might be on. After graduating from high school in his home town of Midland, Texas, he began flying crop dusters illegally to support his ailing mother, who soon died a few years later. Upon striking out for better work, he falsified his age and pilot status to join what he thought was a regional startup airline, which turned out to be a pilot recruiting program for the CIA's clandestine operations in southeast Asia. After 5 years with Air America, he was released back to the United States when his past caught up with him. Recovering from his eviction from service, he started an aircraft charter service in Midland in 1971, married one Skye Champion, who shortly after gave birth to Drew Hunt III. Hunt's charter service served as a front for an armament, contraband and fuel smuggling operation. Upon Skye's discovery of the operation in 1972, she and her sister, Jade, made a failed attempt on Hunt's life, separating the family and forcing Skye and Drew into exile until Hunt's death. During the next 10 years, Hunt became a 'creeper', a criminal utilizing an armed and armored automobile to commit various crimes. In late 1973, he aligned himself with the creeper gang Hell's Finest, and soon became its second in command. The next 10 years were spent as a fugitive from government agencies and local law enforcement, but only as his identity as a creeper...Hunt's Air Services in Midland continued as a front for the gang's income, smuggling and trading increasingly rare fuel, valuable automotive parts and weapons systems.

Upon his death, Hunt was appointed a postmortem servant of God, serving as an unseen agent for the will of the 'Airboss' as Hunt has come to call him. The '32 Ford Coupe that Hunt drove as a creeper was assigned to him in the form of a sentinent familiar spirit, meant to be used as a vehicle to travel rifts in the fabric of the spiritual plane, and as a means of defense.

As a spirit, Hunt has no form, allowing him to pass through any physical object at will. He is also able to interact with the physical plane as any living being may, and is capable of manipulating solid mass.

Hunt's primary form of work is suggesting outcomes to the living in order to manipulate a given situation. A spoken word from him to the living acts as a possible course of action in the subject's mind, which is usually taken. He may also appear to the person and persuade them on a course of action, acting much as a living being does. This is used as a last resort when unseen suggestion does not work. Hunt also acts on the physical plane to manipulate events, i.e.; knocking items over, stopping traffic as a uniformed policeman, driving a comandeered vehicle.

Hunt, when among the living, was a highly unstable mental case. His temper was extremely short and he suffered from flashbacks to his CIA days and near-death experiences throughout life. Some of his temper still resides, however, his experiences in the spiritual plane have calmed and stabilized him considerably. Hunt's sense of humor is dark, and he often makes light of others' peril, wisecracking at moments of sheer terror or disadvantage. His flair for the dramatic pervades in many of his actions: While he could othen simply walk into a room unseen, or as a living being would and not startle anyone, he often chooses to fade into view next to someone, walk through a nearby wall, or wait in a darkened room, appearing dressed in dark clothing and seated in relaxed yet businesslike manner. When seeking a truly terrifying entrance, he has been known to exit a rift with Skye into enclosed areas, such as bedrooms and kitchens.

Hunt retains the weapons he used as a creeper, with a major difference. Unless he desires, all of his weapons act on the spiritual plane, having no form and acting only to part souls from living bodies, instantly reaping them. When desired, they may act as normal weapons, casing damage on the physical plane. The term given to this ability by their Maker is 'soulfire'. The weapons mounted to Skye act in the same manner. His katana and knife are used in battling demons and other spirits, as other spirits are impervious to the soul-reaping abilities of his firearms.

Hunt has been given use of a squadron of 16 spiritual P-47 Thunderbolts and their crew. He can summon them via a vintage handie-talkie wireless radio, and they are used in cases when neither he nor Skye have the firepower to complete a task. Each P-47 carries 8 .50 soulfire machine guns, and can be outfitted with a number of dropped soulfire munitions or rockets. The flight's leader answers to the callsign of Keyworth Blue Lead.

The firearms:
In a crossdraw holster on his gunbelt, for right-hand draw, an 1873 short-barreled 'Pinkerton' Colt SAA revolver Left hand draw on gunbelt, hip holster, an 1875 Remington long-barreled SAA revolver. M1917A1 Thompson submachine gun - Hunt's primary weapon of choice. M1A1 Garand Rifle Remington semi-auto shotgun

Skye's weapons:
General Electric 7.62 MM minigun, turret mounted Tyler-Barnett 62 MM automated mortar battery

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