The cynic

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the naïve martial artist girl

Name: Cynic, TC, Cyni, Cyn or something like that.
Physical Description: female, about 5'3, I guess, long brownish-red hair, green eyes, normal-sized. Wears jeans and a black t-shirt and an ankh necklace. And combat boots. For kicking people with. But not that hard.

Age: 16, I guess.

Weaponry, fighting, etc.: She uses mostly martial arts. She's a pacifist except when there is absolutely no other choice, but she’ll do little Board spy missions as long as she doesn’t have to kill people. Oh, and she can drive!

Personality: She's not that cynical except when the situation gets ugly and she can't help herself. She's sarcastic most of the time, but loves to make jokes about everything. She usually hides whatever she's feeling and does it really well, so no one really knows when she's upset, angry, etc. She enjoys daydreaming and has a very active imagination. She always thinks her life is wayyy too dull (even though she's on the boards...go figure). She always makes it a point to be nice to everyone and hates to be in the middle of an argument (which is quite relevant here, no? Icon_wink.gif ). She likes to make jokes, but knows when things are serious enough not to.

Background: Gawd, I don't know. Um...was in high school, then recruited by the Board, she decided to join because it looked fun and her life was boring. Feel free to add stuff to that if needed.

Strengths: Hides her emotions well, is very rational even under pressure. People tend to trust her. She’s nice to people, which I suppose is a strength. She can blend in quite well also. Oh yeah...she likes healthy cereal for breakfast, cats, dogs, books, and her favorite color is blood-red.

Weaknesses: Can get lost in her own little world, sometimes doesn't take things seriously enough. She's not good at reading people when she first meets them. She’s quite gullible, and wants to think that people are actually very nice. She trusts everyone on the Boards. Since she doesn’t have any special powers or weapons, I guess her main weakness is her naiveté.

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