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the psionic hacker

Also known as Deckard Stevens Description: Human male, slender and 5'11" or thereabouts. Black, shoulder-length hair, eyes that fluctuate between blue, green, and grey depending on what he's doing.
Attire: Typically wears a FLEET uniform or black jeans and shirt - both of which are forms of the Chameleon Jumpsuit, which resembles the HEV from Half-Life or Scout Armour from Tribes 2. No matter what form the Jumpsuit takes, there are two consistencies: it will always be mainly in shades of black and grey, and there will always be a SHODAN badge on each shoulder.
Equipment: The Jumpsuit contains a flamer, SIRIV (coronal-discarge weapon; an electricity flamer in effect) and flechette rifle in the forearms. The jumpsuit itself provides near-total protection against extremes of temperature, electromagnetic radiation, and environmental hazards. It provides very little physical defence, however, and while it auto-repairs, that doesn't help the person inside it if it takes a bullet.He also carries a laser rapier, his preferred close-range weapon.
The jumpsuit also has a pair of skeletal "wings" - these are actually venting systems; they extend when the jumpsuit needs to dump energy, time, reality, or probability. Skills and Attributes: Weapons-wise, he is only skilled with the weapons integral to the suit, and the Rapier. He can probably figure out how to use other weapons, but don't expect any sort of accuracy.
He relies primarily upon psionics - although reasonably skilled in most areas, ghosthacking (altering the minds of others) and technopsionics are his favorite. This allows him to do away with keyboards and the like, as he can lift information out of most systems with his mind, and control them the same way. This is further aided by the copy of SHODAN running in his mind, who also serves (via a mindlink he habitually maintans) as the ship AI for his carrier, the Ghost of Citadel. With SHODAN to aid him, psihacking through ICE and the like becomes much more feasable. SHODAN has also been known to temporarily take control of his body and the Jumpsuit when he is rendered unconscious, often with less that pleasant results.
Personality: He attempts to be polite, and reconcile conflicts whenever possible, but has been known to lose his temper when provoked. He has little tolerance for trolls and spammers, however, and will not hesitate to attack them when attempts to ameliorate their offences fail. He also attempts to defend others, especially other Boardies, Dave, Blue, and Margaret when needed. He will defend the ideals of D&M to his last breath.
Recent events have made him more sombre and withdrawn than normal, with a tendency to listen to his extensive collection of requiems even more frequently than usual.
Can teleport/timeslide in small amounts when properly equipped, which he usually isn't. Weaknesses: can sense spells being cast, but realizes it too late. ALWAYS. Has no other magical defences and few physical ones. Will do anything for kittens.

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