Urban the Prickly

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Porcupine Extraordinaire

I am Urban the Prickly, the Porcupine in his Natural Habitat. Thanks to months of work in the RESPAWN central processor core to meld the best aspects of my old and new selves, nanites, guided by the Control Consciousness Nicole, permeate my being once again. These allow me to construct almost anything if I have enough raw materials, among quite a few other things. Challenge me if you want to see some of their many uses; despite the nanites' versatility, they are not Godmoding tools, and I reward creative attempts to counteract them. My clothing has changed from the days of old: The jacket is gone, replaced by a grey-to-black trenchcoat lined with yellow in some areas. Under this is a black t-shirt with a single large star printed on it. The glasses and jeans are still firmly in place so as not to look too much like someone from "The Matrix." My height remains 5'9-1/2" (taller when bristled). And the hyperactivity and angst so palpable in the times before the Great Hiatus are now eaten away at by patience...and an acceptance of things that have to occur before my ultimate goals, such as they are, can be accomplished.

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