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Personal CRFH Boardie Card
Roady.JPG Roadkiller icon_mini_message.gif
Gender male.png
Almost Friendly Psychotic Killer and Stealth Specialist
Boardie Since:
Also Known As: RK

Kansas City, Kansas
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SCA, gaming (computer, RPG, etc.)

Favorite Food:

Edible and tasty

Favorite Color:


Favorite Sport:

SCA fighting

Most Important:

Most important what? This box doesn't make that much sense, you know.


Stupidity, Idiocy, Closed-minded ignorance and the people who bear them


Lazy bum and student

I'm far less psychotic in life than on the boards (though I've sucessfully convinced several people otherwise). However, it is far too much fun to give up. I absolutely love playing roles, and make characters like Roadkiller fairly often. It's just that I don't often get a chance to change my mindset so that I do start thinking like they would. The board gives me a chance to do that, so I'm not passing it up. I'll say that the stranger the character, the more fun they are to play. RK, himself, has split personalities, so everything gets to be fun there.

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