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the catgirl

Species or Race: Cat-girl
Gender: female
Age: unknown, seemingly between 17 and 23
Hair color: brownish-blond
Eye color: gray (or green)
Occupation: uhm, cat-girl, searches for job as librarian
Alignment: true neutral
Characteristic quote: Wah!
Likes: sleeping, reading, milk
Dislikes: violence and hot weather
Appearance: tiger stripes and glasses, medium-length hair and a bit
chubby, normally clad in a knee-long t-shirt or pullover when it's colder Battle: unless changed not really good at fighting, tries to stay out of
the way or help from behind, in fury-mode rather strong, fast and dangerous though somewhat uncontrolled Magic: minor light-spells, creation of illusions and walking through walls; in
fury-mode control of shadows Stuff: usually carries a small note-book and her pillow

Once pet of a vile wizard, she fled and searched for a home. She found the Realms of the Boards and chose to stay.

The wizard, though spoiled and cruel, raised her and gave her gifts - and a curse. She is able to cast minor spells of light and create illusions. She walks through walls, but just because she's still young and doesn't know any better. The curse he laid upon her is source of her great fear and confusion. Whenever driven to anger and hate she turns into a cat-demon with blazing green eyes and bat-like wings. Her cry of rage startles her enemies and her claws and teeth mark them for life. She is normally shy and friendly (and easily confused and quite absent-minded), it takes time before she is driven far enough to actually feel anger and hate, but if innocent people are hurt or she is in danger of being captured or enchained she explodes. In this form she also controls shadows and is stronger and faster than in her true form. Once her mood has cooled off, she doesn't remember what happened while she was transformed. Knowing that she sometimes changes – though she isn't sure into what – she is rather careful around people, but once she relaxes she loves to be cuddled and is known to become a bit mischievous. She loves to read and can be found near books, where she tries to find out just what she is and if the vile wizard created her – what would make her a creature of evil. She fears this but hopes to find others of her kind and maybe get a chance to lift the curse. What might happen if she'd be able to control her other side – or her other side could control her?

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